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Fauci is an absolute disgrace. The damage that liberal politicians and so called "experts" have done to this country over the last 9 months is probably incalculable.

The man is supposed to be an expert on Epidemics and yet most reasonable people knew, KNEW back in April that the draconian shut down was pernicious, counterproductive and at that point, NOT "Flattening The Curve" but in fact a trial run for Progressive Fascists who were "testing the waters" for the coming Socialist Singularity.


The man is supposed to be an expert on Epidemics and yet most reasonable people knew, KNEW back in April that the draconian shut down was pernicious, counterproductive and at that point, NOT "Flattening The Curve" but in fact a trial run for Progressive Fascists who were "testing the waters" for the coming Socialist Singularity.

The narrative from Fauci and the Progressive left wing media, is fear, uncertainty, disinformation and the obfuscation of facts that reveal what we all knew, again, back in April. This CHIESE manufactured pandemic, is in some ways like a very serious flu to most and a death sentence to the old and infirm. Protections should have been and should be now, pinpointed on the vulnerable and the rest of the world, should get back to work.


Contemptible, yet predictable behavior from contemptible, predictable Progressive-Fascist scum, who seek a one party system with total control over every aspect of our lives and could care less about the devastating effects of their subterfuge and manipulation. The lives lost, business' crushed, hopes and dreams destroyed - Fauci and his liberal ilk - are EVIL.

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Biden is in serious, dramatic and fatal decline. The ascension of Joe Biden to president, if he even makes it to January, will mean one party rule, for America in perpetuity.

The Supreme Court WILL be packed and effect supra-legislative diktats that relegate the Senate and Congress to superfluous window dressing on a rapidly rotting 3, now 2 branch government, which, by design, lends itself to the very autocracy-dictatorship that the Democrats pretend to fear. Reinforcing these initiatives, will be the increase in a government dependent electorate, now increased by the automatic, wave a wand citizenship of 25 million illegal immigrants and an open border policy that guarantees, again, one party rule.


Of course, you gay morons, who today, sing the praises of this coming Fascist state, ignore the coming, Communist contretemps that every single fuckin time, accompanied one party, one man/woman rule and that is the whim and caprice of the one man/woman in charge, which always include, the marginalization of peripheral groups, in order to consolidate power, when threatened.

The list is endless morons, but sure, get into your fuckin electric car, which morons, is powered by electricity that comes from coal (Or that evil natural gas, or that evil fracking, or that even more evil nuclear power.) and proclaim your loyalty to the coming Progressive singularity.

You - gay or not, like the rest of us, will be forced alive into the Progressive wood chipper.

Have a great day.

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[Note: Dr. Rex Archer is the director of the Kansas City, Mo. Department of Health]

Rex Archer is a garden variety, run of the mill Progressive, elevated far beyond his intellectual station by way of his association with the Secular Religion, known as - Progressivism.

The ends do justify the means when your newly acquired GOD demands that you centralize all control into the priests/bureaucrats of the new religion who reside on Mount City Hall - Olympus where the select few, deigned mostly holy by way of skin color at birth, now determine our future. The interpretation of the laws, which are now a daily moving target, is left to simpletons like Archer who spew the expected vitriol against those unfortunates who find themselves in the sights of the mob that day.

Progressives are the newest version of Religious fanatics who fully understand the hypocrisy, lies and deceit necessary to daily promote two, three and four tiered justice systems that persecute innocent citizens and deny moral agency to certain favored groups of law breakers. It doesn't matter, after all, GOD has spoken to us!!

Rex Archer = a low level beadle whose thirst for power and sinecure is disguised - he hopes, by his adherence to this sick theology that worships at an altar supported on the backs of American mask wearing slaves.

The Totalitarian, Fascist imperatives of the BLM/Jacobin/AntiFa are paramount and those grinded up in the gears of the new paradigm can bend the knee, or, perish.

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Cancel culture at it's worst. Erase history and pretend the world started 15 minutes ago.

The BLM/Jacobin/AntiFa scum that de facto rule the streets believe that not only does the current Rule Of Law not apply to them, but, that only THEY should effect their own, new, woke, soup de jour extemporaneously interpreted Rule Of Law on any and all.

The intellectual basis for this nonsense is apparent to anyone with even a cursory knowledge of history, recent and current events and as the citizens chaff under these new powers, they also coalesce and gather strength for what many consider what might come. Bloody constraint.

Be advised morons, that your Facebook posts, your politics, your comments, your actions will be under revue in the future, when, after there is no more Rule Of Law and ironically, the rules you dumbfucks have insisted upon become the rule of the land, you will be held to account in exactly the impromptu Star Chamber Courts you now support.

Like Robespierre, you will fall under the blade, no mercy, no quarter and as your head rolls away in the dirt, you will wish for the good old days when the Constitution, enacted and produced by those evil white men, was still in effect.

Hear the thunder?

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The redoubtable ACB, like a sniper in a Ghillie, with the eyes of an American eagle and heavy ordnance, took out the fatuous, feckless Fascists pretending to be legitimate patriotic politicians today, barely working up a metaphorical sweat. The kill shot was the blank piece of paper she held up, when asked to reveal the notes she was using while she fired shot after shot into the maddened herd of Democrat hucksters whose enfilade fire found no purchase in those chambers, or, anywhere in the news cycle.

It was a shut out and if there was a "10 run rule", the refs would have called it at noon.

Matthew Sitman's bootless cries to heaven, are in direct contrast to ACB's stated position, that she will interpret the Constitution, NOT CREATE NEW LAW.

Sitman's premise, that Catholic judges might have to recuse themselves, re: The Death Penalty - based on speeches that they gave, where their personal opinions of The Death Penalty is, again, absurd, because just like Kagan and Ginsburg, two Jewish ladies who NEVAR got this much grief for their religion, these ladies all, stated that politics and their opinions, DID NOT MATTER.

Of course Sitman brings up the ACA as if there was a case on the docket next week in order to scare what's left of the shit out of people who are not still locked in their closets in fear of the Covid hoax. There are currently, no cases pending anywhere that in any way, threaten the ACA.

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Endless lockdowns, closed businesses, mask mandates, and other restrictions are simply running and hiding from the inevitable. The virus will run through a population, leaving a path of destruction, and eventually burning itself out as evidenced by previous viral outbreaks.

The Fuckin genius' at CDC told everyone not to bother wearing a mask in California during the smog created by the wild fires, because the particles were 12 microns and would get through a mask. Covid particles are 1/10th the size of that, but sure, WEAR YOUR SLAVE MASK.

Trump is in his 70's, he might get really sick, he may die, if so, so be it. But there is no running and hiding from the LeBron/NBA/Big-Tech/DNC Chinese Communist virus, it will come for us all at some point, mask or no mask.

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Progressives, by and large are Fascists who DON'T want your opinion, or your input in any way to interfere with their Totalitarian agenda.

Yahoo recently eliminated comments. Eliminating comments is the de facto admission, that your argument is untenable, unsustainable in the face of criticism.

Look, if the Kansas City Star, did NOT want a free for all, completely wide open discussion of the topics it considered relevant - then they could state rules and regulations for comments, "Hey chuck, you can't swear, etc etc).

But that is not what they and every single Progressive publication are worried about. What the NYT, POST, NBC, ABC, Yahoo etc etc, are really worried about, is that people will be more open minded to differing opinions and different points of view and THEY WILL LOSE CONTROL OVER THE NARRATIVE.

Control, control, control, "Wear Your Slave Mask" CONTROL AND POWER is what they are afraid of losing.

The protections that 230 provide the bullies, Fascists and thugs that run Silicon Valley are not afforded to the rest of the 4th Estate.

Fuck Jack Off Dorsey and fuck Zuckerberg and fuck, fuck fuck Google.

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Their [sic] is no racial divide when it comes to policing. The faulty premise that blacks are targeted and shot dead is just as big a lie as the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" trope that is still, to this day, fostered onto ignorant folks who don't know better, but mostly onto folks who don't WANT to know better.

Willful impercipience is another cudgel that the media - DNC - BLM/AntiFa - Deep State insurrectionists know will help destabilize society so that these maleficent powers can attain total control by way of one party rule. The lubrication for the gears in this pernicious Progressive goat rodeo is the absolute existential hatred of the white male.

This is a generational conflict, because even your house pets, if they stop and think about it, know, that the inventions, medicines, advancements and ability to enjoy modern civilization, such as it is, is categorically with few exceptions due to the hated white male.


The destruction of our society, MUST begin with the destruction of the White Male, so the lies, legerdemain, deceit, agitprop conveyed incessantly by the Media, Hollywood, politicians, bureaucrats, plutocrats and kelptocrats who seek ever more power, must strike mortal blows at the foundation of all that is good and replace it with a new false history that elects idiots, followers of idiots and destroys the status quo in hopes of convincing those same idiots of a coming Utopia.

The truth is the truth and this has got very little to do with police brutality, you are being manipulated by evil forces who - sure - want whitey dead, but once whitey is dead, you will shut up and obey, or you will be just as fuckin dead.

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The President is an angry man and justifiably so.

The 1st Presidential Debate took place on the same day that even more, categorically, irrefutable evidence of the DNC-4th Estate-Deep State corruption was revealed by DNI Ratcliffe. The Psyops operation directed at the American public in order to geld and destroy the Trump Administration was on display again yesterday for all but the willfully impercipient, obtuse, or fanatical, "The Ends Justify The Means" rabid Progressives who make up the lion's share of the left. John Brennan's hand written notes (Like the hand written notes from the FBI when they sought General Flynn's removal from office, or incarceration with NO PREDICATION OF ANY CRIME.) indicate categorically that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta initiated the entire Russian Collusion Hoax with the assistance of the FBI, the CIA, the State Department and of course the radix malorum, the 4th Estate in July of 2016.

Everyone involved on both sides in Washington DC, the boardrooms in powerful media companies and in the aforementioned agencies knew the truth and concealed it for 3 1/2 years while the nation was forced into the wood chipper known as "Russian Collusion".

In fact, every single crime and misdeed that the media, the Intelligence Agencies and the Democrats accused Trump of, THEY ACTUALLY COMMITTED THOSE CRIMES.

The question last night about the peaceful transition of power from that fuckin crypt keeper Wallace was the ultimate insult to not only Trump, but to any American with even a cursory grasp of the malfeasance, criminality, sedition and outright treason from the cabal of Progressive/Communist malefactors who really run this country.

The President is an angry man and he should be. So should we all.