Uglyme #sexist

[ToxicFemininity] According to women, this how mysogyny works

Remember boyos, attractive guys are not misogynists, they are just bad boys

TranscriptLeft: Man with glasses sitting at a computer
“He's been rejected several times despite treating girls nicely. He made a comment on social media about women's hypergamy and used slightly harsh and offensive terms.

Women : "He's a fucking misogynist"

Right: Muscular tatooed man sitting on a motorcycle toplessly
“He's had several girlfriends and has cheated on each of them. He has beaten his last three partners but they still loved him. He drinks and hits his girlfriend but then he apologizes, she forgives him, they have sex and the cycle repeats.

Women: "Oh, he's such a bad boy
I love confidence in a man!"



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