Fail Burton #dunning-kruger

Here is the problem in microcosm: Foz Meadows writing at the HuffPo gives us 3 straight white males who she claimed benefited from anti-homosexual laws and Jim Crow: Heinlein, Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke. Meadows' "research" consisted of where there's smoke, there's fire. She simply bought into the narrative Golden Age equals privilege and racism - end of story.

The truth was different. Clarke was gay and also not American and so had nothing to do with Jim Crow. Asimov was Jewish and suffered discrimination by way of anti-Jewish quotas in his education. Even if we assume Heinlein benefited in some way from Jim Crow, it doesn't necessarily speak to his character since he was clearly ahead of the cultural racial curve in his work.

In short, it's nothing more than group racial and sexual defamation. That's how "anti-racists" become racists. You can't reach a mind like Meadows because it is as supremely arrogant as it is completely dysfunctional. Her mind doesn't work when it comes to the least abstract thought. She is convinced otherwise - end of story. The one common denominator I've observed with this group is that the gulf between their arrogance about their own intellect and their actual stupidity is the widest I've ever encountered.



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