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{from 2014}

This has nothing to do with my religion. I joined the Catholics because they are against homosexuality. I did not become against homosexuality because I joined the Catholics.

There is no need for you to apologize. I am not the one who decided to act unprofessionally, and assault the character of a fellow writer int the field. Mr Hines is. I am not the bigot. Mr Hines is. I believe a certain degree of courtesy and respect is due to comrades, and that other loyalties exist aside from political loyalties: Mr Hines does not.

He is a member of a cult of hate; I am a member of a religion of love. I love mankind, love virtue, love truth, and love beauty to the same degree and with the same intensity that the Hate Cult hates all these things. There is no compromise, no quarter and no peace between us.

PS: Logically, your friend cannot have a 'wife.' Women cannot have wives for the same reason the mother of an orphan cannot be alive. The word refers to someone who forms one half of a sexual dyad.

What your friend has is a desire for her friend to masturbate together with her, which creates sexual sensations without the sex act. The sex act requires mates of the opposite sex to perform. I have no doubt their love is as sincere as a pederast for his underage lover, a sadomasochist for his partner in chains, and so on. The sincerity of the love does not change the unnatural love to a natural one.

The fact that your language is so degraded and debased that you cannot even form a non-paradoxical sentence, that you cannot speak the truth, but instead choose to speak what you know or should know to be nonsense about the matter indicates an alarming lack of mental integrity on your part.

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On a side note. My cousin's daughter was half paying attention to a cartoon on Nicolodeon. My Grandma was watching it too, but did not really gather what small feats and characteristics about the characters were displayed.

Two college girls were hanging out with each other on a quest. It came to be revealed, they were "dating" each other. And had to break up. The crush between the two girls.

It was propaganda for children to adopt the lifestyle as innocent. Just a mere blush. A certain love like charm, like boyfriend and girlfriend would have.

This is the benign appearing entry into a child's mind and heart. It's the slithering serpent in the Garden. "You shall not die!"

This is a introduction to children to think of romance, crushes. And children have a mind and are intelligent. They are not stupid. They know that this means the terms of endearment which a man and a woman often display. And children come often onto the seen. They understand.

Deviating this with two girls, then tells children that two girls can have those romantic relationships that evolve from a crush. Children are not stupid. Thus, the logic of the cartoon is not innocent, for which it leads to.

Thus, as the authors in the letter above. Surely know, their audience are not stupid. But treat them as Mrs. Sanger loved for her purposes. Referring to them as "feeble minded."

There is nothing romantic about two girls, or two boys loving each other. Nothing!

The love a boy builds an affection for a girl, is willing the good of the other. He defends her. He protects her. He is a Knight! He is a Prince! The opposites attract. The opposites are complimentary. Their completely creative. The girl and girl, or the boy and boy are not. It's dead.

The guy creates a Poem giving her the words that only a Goddess can hear. Goddesses cannot really stand hearing what they want to hear from each other. It's already known.

The boy, the subject of the Goddess, who not like any other as she has known and seen. Brings her delight. She see's a smaller willful subject, unlike her own. He is a strange and unusual creation.

That's the point of boy meets girl.

Girls can live Lesbos if they want. And, they will live for that for a awhile, until a boy awakens their wonder. And find a Prince who slays dragons, and rescues Princesses. She see's him as her complimentary. Not her equal.

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I also think that two opposite sexes are needed for mating, and that marriage is a mating ritual used to establish chastity hence paternity, ergo the ritual is not merely unneeded, but actually absurd and pointless, if used to celebrate the erotic non-mating behaviors of two or more non-mates not of the opposite sex, where neither chastity is sought nor paternity is possible.

Sorry for shocking you with my bigotry. In the old days, bigotry was called logic.

One of the greatest innovations of postmodernism is the removal of all traces of logic from public discourse.

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{from 2015}

It is also basic human decency not to lie, not to libel, and not to make false accusations.

For the record, Mr Bakunin, the words you are repeating are the answer to a specific question of what I thought the writers of LEGEND OF KORRA were thinking when they decided to use lesbians rather than male homosexuals as the couple of choice in a children’s cartoon to lure innocent and trusting kids into believing homosexuality is right and normal and ergo Christianity is wrong and abnormal.

But it seems as if you did not consider the possibility that this quote should be read in context. If you read the question to which this quote is an answer, a reader is asking me to speculate on the motivations and thought process of writers supporting your position.

Yes, your position.

You see, your side, not my side, thinks of rednecks and conservatives and Christians as being obsessed with a psycho-pathological phobia and hatred of gays. Your side coined an silly term for the alleged phobia because it did not exist until you invented it: homophobia.

My question to you is this: do you believe that some, even most, hetero men have a visceral and instinctive desire to beat homosexuals to death?

[From rednecks and conservatives and Christains to “some, even most heterosexuals”?]

If so, why is it bigotry if I report that your side believes this?

Nor, even without that context, does the quote in any way, shape, or form express approval rather than horror at the alleged revulsion. It expresses no preference. It merely says (sarcastically) that such an instinctive revulsion exists.

[And then]

I do not hide the fact that a visceral abhorrence to homosexual acts (albeit never to the person tempted toward such acts) is a rightly ordered and indeed a laudable reaction. All emotions, visceral or otherwise, should be ordered as nature and reason command.

[So you approve of the revulsion as natural but then complain about people catching you saying it…you played yourself]

John C. Wright #homophobia #dunning-kruger scifiwright.com

You see, your side, not my side, thinks of rednecks and conservatives and Christians as being obsessed with a psycho-pathological phobia and hatred of gays. Your side coined an silly term for the alleged phobia because it did not exist until you invented it: homophobia.

My question to you is this: do you believe that some, even most, hetero men have a visceral and instinctive desire to beat homosexuals to death?

If so, why is it bigotry if I report that your side believes this?

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Myself, my faith that Mr. Trump will serve his second term, to which he was lawfully elected by a landslide, is unaltered by recent events.

Things look dark. We live in an Empire of Lies, where all the publicly controlled information has been corrupted to the point where nothing can be trusted, not even basic information. The deception is at times blatant and at times subtle. At times, it is so subtle that even a trained skeptic on his guard can be deceived, and unwittingly adopt the assumptions language of the enemy, and spread his ideas.


Allow me to state publicly the source of my confidence in triumph, despite all appearances of desolation and defeat. As a Christian, despite the recited prayers and written scriptures, clouded minds like my own tend to forget that God desires no man’s death. Heaven desires salvation even for those destined to damnation.

All these evil men, God wishes to save. These backstabbers, traitors, cowards, liars, deep-staters and swamp creatures, plutocrats and anarchists, rioters, looters, lowly criminals, power-mad politicians, smooth-faced sons of the Father of Lies, all of them.

They are sunk in the darkness, murk, and sticky swamp-water of sin, as are we all. They deserve hellfire, as do all Sons of Adam. Christ loves them, as improbable as this seems.

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{from 2017}

Kamala Khan is a Muslim highschool girl form Jersey city, and gained the ability to expand, stretch, and shrink her body in various ugly and ungainly ways, and make her fists into giant balloon-like stupid looking flesh blobs. She wears the dumpiest uniform imaginable, and acts like a cross between a spoiled idiot child, a sociopath, and a fascist. She took on the name Ms Marvel because the name Jihad Girl did not test as well in focus group.

She does not really fight crime, instead she fights white guys, who are the source of all the world’s evils, and she protects her friends like the Lesbian who is in love with a high school Muslim girl who wears a headscarf at all times. Because we all know how ultra-fundamentalist Middle Eastern religious women are encouraged to be sexually liberated and experimentally genderfluid by their families. The writing here is lazy, one dimensional, and stupid.

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Note the dialog between Sam Wilson and Jane Foster, the fake Thor and the fake Captain America as they close in for combat with monstrous foes (see at about 9.35)

“Jane: Frost Giants. Small ones. Sam: They don’t look so small to me. Jane: They will once we are finished with them.Sam: I guess I can give the old threads some action this one last time. Jane (flourishing a honking, huge warhammer in her tiny, little, delicate, nurse’s hands): If this is truly the end of your time as the Captain, then let us make the most of this day. Jane (continuing): There will be the sweet taste of combat, then of mead, then, perhaps. of your lips. Sam: Kissing can wait. For now, let us stick to punching.”

Keep in mind, True Believers, that this is supposed to be the selfsame Jane Foster who was the love interest for Don Blake, the real Thor, back in the day.

And the writer has the woman proposing the hot smooching after getting roaring drunk on mead, while all the while exalting in the glories of smashing bones, splattering brains and blood and hearing the screams of the disemboweled and dying foemen, and seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women.

Yup. That is Jane Foster. Just the same person as this.


Note that back in the day, each sentence ended in an exclamation point. That is because everything was exciting! In the modern day, each sentence ends in a period. Nothing is exciting. Nothing matters.

The change between two entirely opposite personality types, from loving and caring nurse to brutal barbarian she-man is entirely organic and reasonable. Whatever.

Or, just maybe, on the other hand, these writers are sociopaths, with no native understanding of human emotions or interior human life, and so they cannot portray people except, perhaps, like the stiff and absurd caricatures seen on Soviet propaganda posters.

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"You were trying to argue that any perverted act with the same physical discharges as the act of sexual reproduction, such as the Sin of Onan, was one and the same as the act of sexual reproduction. I believe the phrase you used equated discharge of semen into the womb to masturbation, which is the discharge the semen into any other orifice, or perhaps onto the ground." Well it doesn't always have to lead into reproduction! You are falling into the naturalistic fallacy. Why should sex be soley defined as a reproductive act. While it can work as such, you are ignoring other applications. To you, sex is used for reproduction, so its purpose ought to be solely to lead into it.

And you did not retract your statement, where you defined masturbation, which is the act of discharging semen not in the act of sexual reproduction to include discharging semen in the act of sexual reproduction. This is like saying black is white or night is day. It is inexcusable. Before leaping up to make additional false accusations and saying additional arrant logical fallacies, please acknowledge your defeat on this point before moving on to the next.

The next point will be just as disappointing to you, however: the act of sexual reproduction is the act of sexual reproduction, otherwise known as coitus, whether or not the act culminates in reproducing the young. So, after saying black is white, you say white is not white.

The reason why sex should and must be defined as the reproductive act is that anything else is illogical, insane, and, frankly, unhealthy. Humans have allowed new venereal diseases to spread in the modern generation which were unknown in the ancient world, since the pursuit of perverse sexual pleasure, involving the abuse of sexual organs by thrusting them into orifices where nature never intended them to do, is unhealthy, and spreads disease.

To me, sex is sex and perversion is perversion. That is because a thing is what it is. I am not ignoring what you call other applications: to the contrary what I am doing is correctly identifying them as sexual perversions, that is, namely, an unnatural abuse or misuse of the sexual organs by those to whom the natural pleasures of the natural uses thereof are insufficiently stimulating.

To me, the sex act is the sexual reproductive act. Masturbation is not the sex act, it is self gratification by an abuse of those organs.

You see the problem you are having is that facts and logic are on my side. All you have is a dark, turgid, hysterical emotion based on a frantic denial of reality and a love of wrongdoing. I am not from the generation where everyone is given a participation trophy. You speak in ignorance. Your thoughts are not in order. You misuse common philosophical terms. Your behavior is a simple and neurotic trick of merely accusing me of your own shortcomings, and when that accusation is proved false, merely making the next, and the next, without once actually thinking about what you are saying.

Because you are saying nonsense. You are saying masturbation is sex, and sex is not sex.

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But there is no story to follow. Not even supervillains can express "homophobia" under the rules of political correctness, nor can a black man be a total badass, like Luke Cage the Power Man once was, nor can a handicapped guy been seen to suffer, as Matt Murdock the Daredevil once did, nor can a sexual pervert have any personality, as no incarnation of Batwoman ever did. No woman can be seen to suffer nor to fail at any task, nor fall short in any way, as all the prior generations of superheroines once did, and their older sisters, the Cliffhanger Queens such as Nyoka of the Jungle or the Daughter of Don Q reach triumph without shoot-outs, chases, escapes, fist fights, cat fights, cave-ins, wild ape attacks, torture, mayhem, or being trapped beneath a lowering ceiling of spikes.

Compare this to girl-type Captain Marvel, or girl-type Hawkeye or Batwoman the Lesbian, who overcomes whole space fleets of aliens without breaking a fingernail, and suffers neither doubt nor heartache, loses no friends, does not have any Uncle Ben killed through her negligence, has no Aunt May to care for, nor J Jonah Jameson to be her overbearing bossman. She is never low on money, never turned down for a date, never called bad names, never faces anyone able to hurt her. There is no story there.

Quick-- without looking it up -- we all know Batman's origin story, right? Fine. What do we know about Katie Kane the Batwoman, aside from her sexual orientation? Any parents killed by mobsters? Home planet of "batworld" blew up? Magic bat-ring ring from alien space-cop? Exiled from paradise because she fell in love with a handsome flyboy? Last survivor of of the bat-people of Mars? Learned the mystic arts from a bat-worshipping Tibetan? Bitten by a radioactive bat? Anything?

I confess I am not familiar with this character. I know nothing about her, aside from her status as a poster child for perverts. I know the origins for all the batgirls, however, the police commissioner's librarian daughter, the mute superninja raised by assassins, the daughter of the c-list supervillain Cluemaster. Can anyone name any storyline or story arch that was really memorable for Batwoman? Any stories.

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Let not your hearts be troubled. Let us review what has been discovered the last few days of the election debacle, which shall be known to history as the Great American Gaslighting.

Trump did win in a landslide.

They are gaslighting you. You saw the size of the Trump rallies in the sunbelt and rustbelt states. You saw Biden could not fill up a school gymnasium.

As for voting irregularities, fraud, and miscounts, there is abundant evidence, shockingly so, almost as if the malefactors are rubbing our noses in it when they claiming there is no evidence.

This is gaslighting you again.

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"Thor: Ragnarok" is chock-full of anti-Western subversive messaging. Its main message is that Western civilization needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt from scratch.

After Odin dies and Hela takes over Asgard, Hela brings up Odin's history of conquering other worlds, and paints him as someone who obtained the riches of Asgard unjustly, then tried to cover it up and hide from his past (she breaks down artwork portraying Odin in a positive, peaceful light to show plastered-over artwork of him in his conqueror days). She describes Odin's viewpoint of Asgard's riches and status by saying that he was "proud to have it, ashamed of how he got it." While she is a villainess (who approves of Odin's old conqueror ways, disapproves of his later change of heart, and attempts to bring back Asgard's glory days of imperial power in order to "make Asgard great again", so to speak) it's obvious that the filmmakers agree with her viewpoint that Odin is a hypocrite for choosing to remain proud of his kingdom's status, rather than making amends by giving all of Asgard's riches and power back to the cultures he took them from and impoverishing Asgard in the process.

This is all a thinly-veiled allegory for the notion of Western countries only being as rich and powerful as they are due to having stolen from and enslaved other peoples, and their later abandonment of colonialism and slavery as being a half-measure that doesn't make up for the damage and only brings about unearned self-satisfaction. Odin is representative of modern-day patriotic Americans, Brits, etc, who no longer perpetuate slavery or colonialism, but are still proud and protective over the status of their countries rather than being so ashamed of their countries' pasts as to want to bankrupt them to make amends.

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Is it time to reconsider the 19th Amendment?

The argument for female suffrage is that women are not more prone to bouts of emotionalism than men, and hence is it equally worthwhile, as the whole, to consult with them over the conduct and control of public business.

Unfortunately, it is evident that there are but rare and few men in the current generation show any particular manly or masculine virtues which would entitle them to a say in the public business, if stoicism, reason, and virtue were preconditions for the franchise.

The argument against female suffrage is that voting is a peaceful substitute for revolution, wherein the less numerous party, seeing himself outnumbered, agreed without bloodshed to abide by the vote of the more numerous. Women, being largely less ready, willing, or able to take up arms than men, have no place in these military questions.

Another argument against is that experience over the last several generation shows that female suffrage erodes the willingness and ability of maidens to become wives and mothers, to shape the character of the next generation, which is a task more needed for the preservation of the republic.

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[From “The Birth of Nations”]

There are only three means of forming a government: by birth, by conquest, and by covenant.

Clans and tribes forming a kingdom by electing or acclaiming a chieftain or high king from their midst is an example of the first. Such groups spring from a common ancestor. The Normans ruling the Saxons in England after William the Conqueror, or the castes of India are an example of the second: the children of the conquerors rule over a lower class of the children of the vanquished.

In history, there are only two examples of government formed by covenant: the first is the USA. The other is ancient Israel.


As with American naturalization, among the Israelis, a stranger or sojourner could become a Jew, and enter the covenant, if he submitted to their laws and ceremonies.


The French Revolution and Russian Revolution established governments which are best described as satanic mockeries of the American Revolution; they have the form of Roman Republicanism as the American Republic does, even using the name, and take the rhetoric of being a democracy, of the people and by the people. But they are merely what the Greeks called Tyrannies, that is, governments based on the rule by the strong, not an established dynasty. These are not government, but are dysfunctions of government: such revolutionary governments are merely an anarchy of the governing junta, whose excesses are restrained by no law nor custom, and whose crimes never come to reckoning.

In the modern day, the cease fire no longer applies: Social Marxism or Social Justice or whatever name the philosophy of the rebellion of Lucifer is using these days to mask itself, as promoted by schools, and enforced by the Civil Rights Act, is the unofficial but quite clearly established church of the United States, and takes steps to remove all signs of fealty and faith to Christianity from the public square.

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I have heard people, or, rather, Morlocks who look a great deal like people, using the term African American to refer to Blacks from England and France and elsewhere in Europe.

I was in a time travel role playing game once, based on Roger Zelazny’s ROADMARKS. There was a mystical road through time the time travelers used, and branches and exits led to alternate histories. At one road stop hotel, the moderator of the game was describing to the players what some of the travelers from other timelines looked like, including Aztecs in Spanish armor and Eskimo astronauts and so on.

We saw a tall and stalwart Negro in a crew cut from a world where Prussia was inhabited by black men in the 1930s, and he was wearing a Nazi SS uniform. One of the players, a liberal, was surprised or perhaps scandalized, asked to hear the description once again, saying, “You mean an African American Nazi?”

The moderator raised one eyebrow and said, “No. He’s clearly from Germany.”

Likewise, I had a similar problem when I was writing a science fiction story set in a year far enough in the future that America was obliterated. The narrator described one person as looking ‘oriental’ and my too-left-leaning copy editor red penciled the word and snidely said, ‘Well, I’ve never heard the word oriental used to describe anything but a rug – suggest ‘Asian-American’.’

Whereupon I patiently explained that a man from a Japanese colony on Mars, in this story called Kasei, might possibly be called a Kaseijin (Marsman) but could not possibly be called an Asian-American.

Likewise, my friend, born in South Africa, stepping into the student union hall for African American students on her campus on a hot day, to sit in a chair, panting, and enjoy the air conditioning, when she was peremptorily commanded to leave by a black woman, because this was the African American Student Union. My friend was unable to restrain her outrage, and shouted in her delightful British accent, “You fools! I am the only African in this room!”

The moral of the story? Political Correctness is not only patronizing, it is parochial. It can only be used when talking by modern Americans to modern Americans about modern American things. There are no words in Political Correctness talk for Yellow or Black or Red men who come from other planets, other times, or other places.

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" You seem to be very narcissistic. How are you a true fan? How is your opinion any more legit than any other."

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I offer in evidence the testimony of the opposing counsel. Here is an ad hominem that attacks the questioner rather than answering the question. The idea that one should use one's own judgment to judge the strength or weakness of an argument is one never proposed in their rhetoric, only personal attacks.

In a column where I level the criticism that they hold a lack of judgment to be the sole measure of their moral goodness, a Morlock opens the portcullis of his mouth and lets escape the unreflective word that I must have some psychological malfunction, that is, being a narcissist, because I make a moral judgment. See?

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{from 2014}

This, in fact, is what the Leftists hold to be their qualifications to make a moral judgment. Ask any of them. They will tell you repeatedly, so vehemently that one cannot get in a word edgewise, that they make no moral judgments, that making judgments is wrong, and that to make a judgment even in one's thought is wrong -- they call this bigotry, because they call everything by the word that means the opposite of what they really mean.

The people not upset about this are not fans of the show, because to be a fan means to use one's judgment to judge the show as being well crafted and the story well told. The decision was poor story telling, and that would be obvious - no matter what one's opinion about the morality or desirability or corrosive effect on society of sexual perversion.

What is the lesson here for little boys and girls watching the show? That every friend of yours, male or female, secretly craves sexual congress with you? That to be a policeman means you can neither have the magical girl nor the attractive rich girl, but you are a big loser, and they go off with each other? That family means nothing, that sex is entertainment and means nothing, that life means nothing, that ergo young women should act like bigmouthed jerks? That a woman in a leadership role is not a princess, prophetess nor priestess but is instead a pervertess?

John C. Wright #wingnut scifiwright.com

Conservative Firing Line wrote:

One user, who asked to remain anonymous, said Tuesday he was given a 30-day ban for a graphic declaring that there are two gender— male and female

Note that the graphic [posted by the anonymous user] uses the word ‘sex’, which is a real word with a real meaning, whereas the allegedly conservative newswriter uses the Newspeak nonword ‘gender’ which means either a part of speech, or, in some anthropological circles, is a technical term for a sexual role in society, regardless of one’s biological sex. Here is another case of a conservative, unwittingly adopting the enemy’s vocabulary, aiding and abetting the enemy.

John C. Wright #fundie #sexist #conspiracy #racist scifiwright.com

Roe v. Wade, 410 U. S. 113, and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa. v. Casey, 505 U. S. 833 are both as dead as all the unborn babies they killed. (…)

The madness from [Roe v. Wade] spilled over to every level of life, and made our public officials, and our public, into screaming, nonsense-barfing, sneering, craven, blood-drenched monsters, harpies, anthropophages, and headless blemmyes. The great idols to Moloch loomed over every courthouse.

The madness led to the sodomy culture, the woke culture, the death of Disney’s soul, and to the encouragement of corruption both on a personal and political level. Oddly enough, if one traces the course of the mental disease, there are even connections leading to such remote side-effects as inflationary fiscal policy, confiscatory taxation, wokethink hatewhitery, suicidal energy policy, public riots and arson, all which would, at first, seem to be unrelated.

It is not unrelated. Accepting an evil axiom tacitly accepts, sooner or later, all the logical outcomes implied by it.

Roe v Wade cursed this nation. It darkened the intellect of our intellectual class and corrupted the morals of people. Ordinary youths became satyrs and rapists, each one a little Don Juan; ordinary young women became murderesses, each one a little Medea. The cult of Ganymede was released, and perversion worse than Sodom ever knew, built atop of pile of tiny skulls higher than any pyramid raised by the Aztecs.

NewNumberTwo #pratt scifiwright.com

Note, the new, black female Bond is basically a no show. Turns out, the writer simply wrote around her, and made a story that the old, male bond, and this new lady, are the stars of. Probably wanted something weird, like a good story.

Lets say you are a writer. Lets say your boss demands a new, black female Bond. So, you simply don't make the story about her. Write the story you want to write.

John C. Wright #homophobia #transphobia #fundie #dunning-kruger #pratt scifiwright.com

"So I wonder, other that the obvious purpose to deconstruct and destroy Superhero comics, if in the most clumsy manner the Woke are attempting to express their own immature drama and pining for romance into the wrong genre."

I have no insight to offer on this theory. I have strong doubts, because I am a cynic, but I do not know.

But I do have a rule of thumb to suggest: if one took a homo story from one of these comic books, and sex-swapped one character, so that gay Iceman was dating a girl instead of a boy (not Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Raven Darkholme, Lorna Dane, Judy Harmon, Zelda Kurtzberg, Laynia Petrovna, Annie Ghazikhanian, Opal Tanaka, or Marge Smith) but a new girl with all the same interests, virtues, traits and personality quirks as a girl as he had as a boy -- would the relationship nonetheless seem viable? Would the two seem to "go together"?

Likewise, if Tim Drake were dating Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) or Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) or Secret (Greta Hayes) or Ariana Dzerchenko or
Tamara Fox instead of a boy, and she had all the same interests, virtues, traits and personality quirks as a girl as he had as a boy -- would the relationship nonetheless seem viable?

The cynic in me suspects I am asking a trick question. If you read the comics in question, the cynic in me strongly suspects you may find to your surprise that the gay boys these orientation-swapped supers are dating have no personalities to speak of, no flaws, no frustrations, no dreams to achieve, because the portrayal of imperfection in a gay boy offends the gay privilege our society currently affords perverts, due to what might be called "gay fragility".

Again, the cynic in me strongly suspects one will find the so called romances are not romances at all, with no romantic tensions, none of the thrill, doubt, heartache and so on that accompanies finding a mate and the mother of one's progeny to carry on the family name.

Love and romance are not part of their mental environment. Power is. The power to change men into women and normal men into perverts is a godlike power. They cannot exercise this power in real life, but they can force others to change pronouns, and can defecate on long established and well loved fictional characters. They cannot be god, but they can pretend to be god.

John C. Wright #dunning-kruger #homophobia #transphobia scifiwright.com

{from 2017}

(Please note that concluding from the fact that an alien has a male sexual organ, therefore he is of the male sex, is here called a ‘stupid gender construction’. When it comes to organs used in f**king, clearly girls from Marvel f**king love science.)

Please note that Iceman had perfectly normal heterosexual interests and soap opera girl problems before this point. Many fans think Jean Gray simply mindfrelled him into sexual disorder for reasons of her own. After this point, Iceman turns into the a stereotyped flaming homo limpwristed sissyboy that only exists in Leftist imaginations, nothing like any real gay man ever. It would be as if Jean Gray turned him into a black man, and he started acting like Steppin Fetchit, or a clown from a Minstrel Show.)

Fail Burton #dunning-kruger scifiwright.com

Here is the problem in microcosm: Foz Meadows writing at the HuffPo gives us 3 straight white males who she claimed benefited from anti-homosexual laws and Jim Crow: Heinlein, Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke. Meadows' "research" consisted of where there's smoke, there's fire. She simply bought into the narrative Golden Age equals privilege and racism - end of story.

The truth was different. Clarke was gay and also not American and so had nothing to do with Jim Crow. Asimov was Jewish and suffered discrimination by way of anti-Jewish quotas in his education. Even if we assume Heinlein benefited in some way from Jim Crow, it doesn't necessarily speak to his character since he was clearly ahead of the cultural racial curve in his work.

In short, it's nothing more than group racial and sexual defamation. That's how "anti-racists" become racists. You can't reach a mind like Meadows because it is as supremely arrogant as it is completely dysfunctional. Her mind doesn't work when it comes to the least abstract thought. She is convinced otherwise - end of story. The one common denominator I've observed with this group is that the gulf between their arrogance about their own intellect and their actual stupidity is the widest I've ever encountered.

John C. Wright. #sexist scifiwright.com

{from 2017}

I cannot list them all, but here is a choice few: Thor is gone, upstaged and replaced by Lady Thor, who is actually Jane Foster.


Foster was once a nurse, the love interest of Don Blake, and she did things like help sick children. Now she coldcocks evildoers with a honking big hammer, and says she never feels truly alive save when shedding enemy blood in battle a la Conan the Barbarian.

Gal Thor is not an original character, like Sif or Valkyrie, but merely an attempt to blot out male Thor at a time when the Chris Hemsley movies are blockbusters.

And, by the bye, no one else who ever picked up the hammer of Thor, not Beta Ray Bill, not Throg the Frog, even took on the name of Thor, or gained his skill, memory, or personality. But this insolent insult to the continuity hinders not the onward rush of social justice. Logic and good storytelling are flung out the window by these Philistines.

Spiderman has been blotted out by Miles Morales, a half-hispanic half-black with no particular personality. The writers seem not to want to give him any personality, for fear of giving his troubles and woes, which in turn might open them to the witchhunter accusation of being racist.

Hawkeye has been blotted out by female Hawkeye. He has an interesting backstory, and some dramatic personal problems. She is a nonentity who suddenly is the best archer in the Marvel Universe for no particular reason.

Iron Man has been blotted out by Riri Williams, a teen-aged black girl who steals things and accidentally conquers eastern European nations. Instead of having problems like shrapnel lodged near the heart as Iron Man does, the girl version of Iron Man is both utterly incompetent, and utterly flattered, praised, and supported by one and all.

Wasp has been blotted out by Wasp, a girl who never puts on her wasp suit, never shrinks down and never fights crime.

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Don't be a retard! Vox was mocking an SJW swarm of idiots claiming Jack Kirby could physically take him down. Jack Kirby was the one mocked by SJWs, and Kirby wouldn't even get hired in Current Year Marvel Comics.

Dang. You need to keep up with your Reading Comprehension for Leftists coursework.

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Before YOUNG JUSTICE, my favorite show was LAST AIRBENDER. That show came back from the dead with LEGEND OF KORRA, But the writers there rewarded my love and loyalty with the ceremonial spit in the face of Christ with their LGBT antics.

A sly hint of it was intruded at the last minute in a way that simply made no sense given the plot so far, so that the PCniks could claim, among themselves, that AIRBENDER supported homosex, but so that anyone who criticized could be demonized and dismissed as someone who objected to two girls “holding hands.” See how that works?

Unfortunately the email by the writers saying that the innocent handclasp and soulful look in the eye between the butch, athletic tomboy girl and the feminine girl in lipstick was exactly their intent to show the erotic love between them. (Not that the PC-niks halt or slow their accusations merely because of facts.)

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The people of this country are not the bad guys.

But is increasingly clear that many people in the top echelons of power and influence are downright Satanic.

This is not limited to government officials or politicians either. How many celebrities out of Hollywood have little regard for Jesus? If they do acknowledge Him, it is usually in the same breath as Buddha or Ghandi or some other eastern mystic.

There was good reason for the Inquisition. The reasons to demonize it come from the very people who probably would have been executed for extreme heresy.

Straw Cosmology Award

Fucking logic, how does it work?

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Third, if God does not exist, the universe can have no mental properties. It is a machine made of particles, but one thrown together without a designer, serving no purpose. If so, when one unintentional byproduct of the machinery of the world is the bewildered ape called Man, the machinery of his brain cannot be designed by a designer for a purpose. At best, the purpose of preserving the man and his bloodline might emerge spontaneously by a statistical elimination of every pre-human man-ape whose brain chemistry made A equal to Non-A, or twice two equal five. But then we have no evidence of pre-human man-apes each with his several systems of non-operative logic and mathematics, and no reason to believe that natural selection would make the twice-two-is-five apes die off quicker than the twice-two-is-four.

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The scientific evidence, such as it is:

All human genes have been traced back to two ancestors, the first called “Mitochondrial Eve”, the second misnamed “Y-Chromosomal Adam”. The fact that there is one woman and one man who gave their genes to all is established by the evidence, the “scientists” then do backflips to say that there were actually several thousand individuals, even though they can show no evidence of that. They cannot claim more than that with the evidence they have, and even that is a stretch. Those several thousand fictional individuals are invented to allow them to claim that the Bible is false. Being not backed by evidence, they are, scientifically speaking, falsified.

The woman's genes are traced, using rather iffy methods (the dates may be way off), to an ancient time period, the mans genes to a less ancient time period. This causes the scientists to shriek “see, we told you that story of Adam and Eve was false, they lived at different times!” To this I reply NOAH. The Bible lists one time period when there was one woman who was the mother of all women, and two periods where one man was the father of all men, although in the case of Noah, the father of all surviving men. The second, later man's genes would overwright the first mans genes in the genetic record. The women in the ark were all from different mothers, the men, only from one father (plus the father himself present).

Thus the scientific evidence, which is different than “what scientists believe” (which is not science) validates the Bible as speaking literally.

And the only way one species can evolve into another is if it was planned by a planner, which is the whole problem with evolution. In the case of man, it was simply not planned, and did not happen, since what would God do with a half sentient creature, send it halfway to heaven or hell?

To get a new species, you could, as a planner, have one male and one female born with the same mutations, in the same area, and then have them mate with each other. The chance of that happening randomly is too small to even consider. It is a mute point with "human evolution", since it did not happen, animals and plants are another matter.

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Since, to date, there is not one jot nor tittle of evidence that a new species ever was born of parent of a different species, and since, moreover, the mechanisms of genetics seem to militate against this (how does the ape-man with 48 chromosomes give birth to Adam and Eve, who have 46 chromosomes? If it is a mutation, how does it just so happen that Adam is born in the same generation as Eve, and mates with her, and not with a she-ape?) I would offer that Darwin's theory never rises above the level of a philosophical speculation.

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Three laws of Thermodynamics (note, LAWS, not theory). Evolution says order came from chaos, and order is ever increasing. Thermo says that order is ever decaying.

Butterfly collectors are pretty bad at math, so they don't care. (that is an old joke by the way.)

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But technically, Darwinism is not science, because it rests on non-empirical assumptions about matter not open to empirical proof or disproof. You cannot hand me a telescope and show me the apeman giving birth to man, or man giving birth to superman. You cannot even breed peas and make them into something other than peas.

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Recently it was also revealed that Disney’s live action version of their masterpiece BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, taken from a traditional fairy tale, will introduce the sidekick of the antagonist to be a sodomite whose wish is not to serve and aid the object of his admiration, but to kiss and caress. This is aimed at a general audience, including children.

Now, as a means to promote a change of opinion, no one book or film is likely to accomplish much, and these things are sure to lose customers and create ill will among their loyal customers, including me. So money is not their motive.

There is a message to the fiction. The message is this: the normal male friendship that obtains between Sancho Panza and Don Quixote, Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee, D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers, Robin and Batman, is now defined as unreal. There are two kinds of love recognized to exist: family love, which is very commonly used now to refer to strong bonds of friendship between team mates, and sexual love, which includes everything else. There is no room for friendship.

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The institutions of maidenhood, marriage, and motherhood have not escaped the curse of madness. Most obviously, our nation has become psychotic on sexual topics, that is, the consensus opinion has suffered a total break with reality. A measure of this break can be seen in that even fundamental distinctions between male and female are abolished. These include questions of whether men can be brides and marrying other men, or use the women’s locker room in schools, or girls pretending to be boys can join the Boy Scouts.

Anyone who refers to reality, that is, any sane man saying a sane thing, on these topics is shouted down, vilified, demonized, and called phobic, homophobic or transphobic, that is, accused of having a psychopathological fear of homosexuals or transvestites.

The irony is that the insane call the sane insane. And that is insane.

Our nation’s current sexual psychoses spring from decades of neurotic decisions concerning abortion, contraception, and no-fault divorce. The pleasures of the marriage bed, which are quite clearly natural, pleasurable, and joyful, become unnatural when the intimacy of marriage is eroded. Prostitution reduces these sacred and intimate ecstasies to a commodity; Pornography makes the commodity public. Contraception so reduces the moral hazard of fathering a bastard that the merely prudential argument against out of wedlock copulation is muted. And no nation could so divorce itself from nature as to contemplate making it lawful to murder offspring in the womb unless a passion as strong as the sexual drive were behind it.


The oil pipeline was symbolic. It is meant to placate Gaia. The government funding for abortion is symbolic. It is meant to placate Moloch. The riots in the streets when bankers meet is symbolic. It is meant to deflect the cargo planes from the White Man to the Borneo Islanders. The protests by women dressed as their own genitalia is symbolic. It is for Lilith and Hecate. The love of Islamic terrorism in this generation, and the love of Soviet terrorism, mass killings, and orchestrated starvation in the last generation is symbolic. It is for Satan.

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Christendom is the only place in human history where witchcraft and fortune telling has ever been outlawed, and once men were forbidden from trying to rule nature by magic, then and only then did their faith that a rational God made a rational universe, hence their faith that every effect has a cause, give them the mental outlook needed for science to be possible.

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Great truths need few words to say them:

Here is the secret to Leftwing psychology. The men among them think, not like women, but like neurotic women gripped in self loathing. They hate themselves, so they hate being women, so they hate babies and the whole process of reproduction. They hate themselves, so they hate motherhood and murder unborn babies. They hate themselves, so they hate the policeman and the soldier who protects their lives. They hate themselves, so they want recreational drugs to be legal, not to mention assisted suicide. They hate themselves, so they hate their nation which has bestowed absurd amounts of freedom and luxury upon them.

They hate themselves, so they hate the God who made them.