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[Serious] The reason why incest porn is so popular is because of how deprived and desperate for sex men are

The type of porn you watch is based of 'realistic' fantasies that you believe would be realistic to happen to you. E.g. you have a hot teacher so you think it'd be 'realistic' that one day she'll come on to you one day and you'll have sex so you watch teacher porn (obviously it isn't very realistic but the person copes and tells themselves that it is)

So many men aren't having any sex which is why they think that their only possible chance of ascension is by having sex with a family member. But to cope and feel 'moral' with themselves it has to have the word 'step' Infront of the word mom or sister. Another thing is that people are so deprived of sex that the only way they can imagine realistically ascending is in an extremely specific scenario instead of just having sex with a girlfriend or a one night stand but men can't have those anymore which is the reason why there are so many fucked up and specific fetishes

Didn't read but no. Incest porn was intentionally pushed by MindGeek. It's not popular organically.

What is mindgeek? The people who own all the porn companies? Why would they do this tho? What do they gain from this?

I believe it was an experiment to see how they could manipulate the sexuality of their consumers


I can't prove their motivations. That's just the one I can think of that makes the most sense.



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