Jennifer Bilek #transphobia

“Gender identity” is a virtual reality being overlaid on the natural world. It is not real but everyone is treating it as real & so real children & young people are being harmed. We can’t continue to solidify this powerful, corporate illusion & have any hope

of protecting anyone. I know it looks real. It seems real. How could it not be real?
There is a juggernaut of political & financial pressure behind this narrative of “gender dysphoria,” “gender medicine,” “gender people,” that is operating to keep this illusion alive.

We have to stop investing in the illusion. Children are suffering from a massive propaganda campaign & need to be gotten away from tech where it’s coming at them 24/7.
Adults are in a mass hallucination & those of us that can see this must stop participating. There are no

“Tran$” ppl. There never has been. Some ppl choose to medically disown their sex & they do so for many different reasons. It doesn’t make them a anything except men & women who refuse to accept reality. That is all.

Our refusal to let go of the illusion of special beings needing special places & rights, & medical intervention, is causing massive social chaos. We’ve only seen a glimpse of the chaos & pain coming our way if we don’t get our feet back on the ground.

A lot has gone into constructing this virtual reality: massive financial investments, technology that is terrifying in its capabilities to change the way we think & feel, the best political strategies & tactics that money can buy, & an already overwhelmed population.

We have to think our way out & while we’re doing so, we need to divest ourselves of the illusion.
These are my thoughts on this now. We’re seriously on a precipice. There isn’t a whole lot of time before we’ll never find our way out of this if we don’t act in unison to

dismantle this illusion, to attack it with all we have left.



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