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'Don't Allow Grooming' Bill Exposes 'LGBTQ" Child Agenda

Once again, it’s all about the adults and their preferences/depravities, and child human shields are mostly unimportant, except for perhaps the hard-to-locate gender-confused 6-year-old, who will be sadly paraded as a literal poster child in upcoming court cases in the hope of overturning this bill.

Does the sustained outrage mean that Big Gay will now openly push small grade schoolers to identify as LGBTQ? There’s a term for that: grooming.

And we know the answer is yes, when and where they can get away with it. Radical educators have already been doing this, hence the need for the bill. Lately, grooming techniques have gotten much more overt in schools nationwide. But to see such honesty from these advocates about their goals is a teachable, if tragic, moment.

“Get out of our way while we recruit/convert/corrupt your children! You have no right to stop us.”

This bill in no way prevents any child from being “seen” and will allow greater chance for academic success. Does HRC really take the position that K – 3rd grade children deserve to identify as homosexual or “trans,” regardless of parental consent? That would be a jaw-dropping advocacy of essentially criminal conduct.

GLSEN decries the “...continuing pattern of openly targeting LGBTQ+ youth from Governor DeSantis...” No child is being “targeted” but instead, protected.

And right on cue, the National Education Association is screaming “discrimination,” even the horrifying prospect that a homosexual teacher may not be able to reveal his/her chosen identity to young children. If only! How refreshing such schools would be!

NEA may want to inform “LGBTQ” teachers about the option to overcome these attractions/identities and becoming an ex-“gay” or ex-lesbian.

Why do these adult activists so desperately want little children to learn all about homosexuality and gender deviance? Without parents present? That fits the definition of grooming. And in the not-too-distant-past, such actions would qualify as a crime of child corruption, subject to criminal penalties.



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