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America’s kids should be happy, healthy, wholesome, brave, virtuous, respectful and grateful. Instead, many are tormented and traveling down treacherous roads that will lead to further instability, physical risk and long-term unhappiness. And spiritual darkness is consuming many of them.
The Centers for Disease Control just released a report of its latest Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) with a summary of results for the last ten years. The trends are horrifying.

Some problems can be attributed to the COVID shutdowns but the truth is, the pandemic merely revealed the instability of America’s populace, and our kids suffer as a result of mom/dad/family disorder.

The YRBS samples a representative segment of 9th to 12th graders every two years in public, private and some Catholic schools.

In 2021 (the latest year for which results are available), 10% of female high school students attempted suicide and 42% of high schoolers reported being so sad and hopeless for two weeks in a row that they stopped doing their usual activities.

Girls report a higher incidence of mental health issues. You would think with the laser focus on the rights of women that girls would feel more hopeful than ever. Perhaps feminism is not the answer after all. Of course, any faithful believer could tell us that. Feminism brings more discontent because it suppresses the best of womanhood (the authentic, biological kind).
The CDC report assumes the “LGBQ” identifiers in the YRBS are a separate biological group, referring to them as a “sexual minority,” perpetuating the false narrative that people are born this way. This “public health” agency fails to address that elephant in the room: no one is born homosexual, bisexual, “non-binary” or born in the wrong sex body. There is no evidence supporting this claim and a wealth of evidence disputing the inborn narrative but revealing developed desires, which can (and should) be undeveloped, for optimal health and well-being.

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How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids

A question came up recently from a concerned parent: “How might a homosexual friend influence my child? Or someone who is confused about gender?" This has been an issue in a number of situations we’ve encountered over the past few years, in discussions with both parents and students.

While we recognize that young people who have unstable feelings are really in need of heterosexual friends, and it’s a delicate matter to try to split up friendships once they form, there are very real risks if the friendship is a close one. The first line of defense is to separate your child from the friend, if you can do it without open rebellion. Sometimes this isn’t possible if your son or daughter is an older teen or in college, so other alternatives need to be considered. There may be some things that you can make your own son or daughter aware of if they are open to the discussion.

Because there are increasing numbers of kids who are “out,” I am advising every parent to prepare a student in advance when—not if—they have a relatively close association with someone who is a declared homosexual or who is trying to live as the opposite sex. A situation may arise tomorrow where the resident of the dorm room next door, or a lab partner, or the person who works the same shift at the pizza parlor, or the brother of your child’s best friend, may announce he or she is “gay,” "non-binary," or the opposite sex. What are the risks? And, are there any opportunities as well?

Sexual involvement. The first thing you need to decide is whether there is any risk of sexual involvement, and rule this out (hopefully). If it’s a same sex friend this is of course more risky, because the friend who confesses a “crush” on your son or daughter may really mess with his or her mind or emotions, particularly if it’s a vulnerable time in your child’s life. The relationship may start as an attempt to “help” the friend, or may mask an attempt to demonstrate sophistication and a lack of bigotry among peers.


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A question came up recently from a concerned parent: “How might a homosexual friend influence my child? Or someone who is confused about gender?" This has been an issue in a number of situations we’ve encountered over the past few years, in discussions with both parents and students.
Because there are increasing numbers of kids who are “out,” I am advising every parent to prepare a student in advance when—not if—they have a relatively close association with someone who is a declared homosexual or who is trying to live as the opposite sex. What are the risks? And, are there any opportunities as well?

Sexual involvement. The first thing you need to decide is whether there is any risk of sexual involvement, and rule this out (hopefully). If it’s a same sex friend this is of course more risky, because the friend who confesses a “crush” on your son or daughter may really mess with his or her mind or emotions, particularly if it’s a vulnerable time in your child’s life. The relationship may start as an attempt to “help” the friend, or may mask an attempt to demonstrate sophistication and a lack of bigotry among peers.
Christian Faith. The biggest danger is what this friendship will do to genuine Christian faith. Your child will hear the assertion over and over that the friend is not only well-adjusted, but sure that he could never be anything other than homosexual, or is really trapped in the wrong sex body. This is certainly a firm belief, but it’s not based on reality. The long-term evidence is that homosexuality and gender confusion arise out of dysfunction, including experiences like child sexual abuse, poor relationships with parents (especially the same sex parent), and peer difficulties. An introspective personality, and the availability of pornography may then turn a slight attraction into obsessive fantasies. It may influence the person with a shaky gender identity to fantasize about "becoming" the opposite sex (which can never actually happen).

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The first few weeks of school are hectic but also exciting. New backpacks, new outfits, new friends, new pronouns....

Wait, no. Hopefully not. Hopefully your child’s teacher won’t demand affirmation of “woke” ideology from your son or daughter and will show respect for settled science and biology.
your child’s classroom transforms into a propaganda session, your daughter or son needs to be ready, equipped for this line-in-the-sand moment.

Because that’s what it is. If you have your kids in the public schools (or even certain private schools), now is the time to train and equip them to be ready to take a stand for sanity and for God’s binary design of male and female which still (unsurprisingly) works just fine.
"For grade schoolers:

“I was born a boy (or girl) and I’m happy to announce that I will remain that way.”

“My parents filled out a form when I started school. Please use that information.”

“I am a girl (boy) and that’s something that will never change.”

“My mom and dad (or mom, or dad, etc.) said they don't want me discussing this and if you have any questions to please call them.”

"I just want to learn school lessons, not this pronoun stuff." 

“My dad (mom) says there are only boys and girls and that’s how God made us.”

For middle and high school:

"I believe there are only two genders, and only two sets of pronouns for people.”

“I'd really like to enjoy my childhood/youth/last year of high school (etc.) and not delve into such matters.”

"Is this a legal requirement?"
"Is this in the school handbook?""
And others suggested an obvious solution—get your children out of public schools:

“My suggestion is to parents: pull your children out of any classroom or school that would ask them their preferred pronoun. Your children, even teens, are too malleable, too vulnerable to be placed in these Marxist indoctrination centers. Children are too young to take on these ideologically-driven adults in their schools. Get them out!”

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Girls need protective dads. So do boys. God designed fathers with the instinct to defend and stand in the gap for their children, and those who would mischaracterize or dishonor that motive are not to be trusted.
Kids essentially have become human shields for progressive politics.
Never get in the way of the “LGBTQ” agenda, is one big message. Except that, in God’s eyes, this agenda is straight from the bowels of hell. Those who desecrate children are being fitted for a millstone necklace and I don’t think God will delay that judgment for much longer.

Satan’s plans for our offspring don’t have room for protective parents and caretakers. Predators and their education allies deceive children, or discard children, or use them for adult purposes. Some eventually harbor an intense desire to defile the young (think: drag queen story hours, homosexual school clubs, explicit condom lessons).

And this doesn’t even account for the foolishness of mask mandates for children, which are scientifically unsupportable and certainly little more than a rallying device for the left’s power obsession and its determination to “mask” the real goal: keep parents in line and some teachers from freaking out over irrational fears.

The school climate that celebrates open restrooms, sodomy promotion and porn in libraries legitimizes child defilement, and can only be sustained if those who would protect the young are restrained. Many tense interactions between parents and school officials illustrate these conflicting goals.
God’s beautiful gift of innocence and goodness, the blessing of new life in our children, is being systematically corrupted and destroyed, while the truth is put in chains.

May God help us. And parents, it’s still up to you to turn this around. Don’t give up.

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Where is authentic justice? Authentic science? A trustworthy election? Why do even the courts frequently fail to enforce the law?

Our new rulers seem to be an alliance of fellow travelers representing radical sexual politics, hard-core feminism and race hucksterism, with Democrats at their back, Big Tech/media as their watchdogs and Antifa as their muscle.

What could possibly go wrong with a marriage like this?

When you strip away all the rhetoric, there’s one essential driver in the hearts of these subversives.

They hate God. They hate the followers of Jesus Christ, they hate Judeo -Christian Western civilization, and they will distort us, silence us and even come after us-- whatever it takes to eliminate our voice and influence.

And these mutineers are a clear and present threat to the safety and well-being of children, based on their own words and actions, even as they endlessly virtue signal.
But where these child corrupters are successful, impressionable youth will absorb the most destructive messages justifying racist, anti-business, anti-police, anti-Christian, anti-heterosexual street action.
If they were to be totally honest, here’s the real motive: “I hate heterosexuality, and male/female biology, because I hate my own parents, especially my father. I hate the innocence and purity of children and have an intense desire to sully them. I hate white people because I link them to Christianity. And I hate God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ, and I don’t want my sins saved. I love my sin and I will lie, cheat, distort and even commit violence to try to eliminate this voice from my world.”

This is what unchecked sin does to humans. We are all vulnerable. Our problem now is that we are, by government fiat, honoring proud sin and punishing virtue. This spells doom for America, unless we turn it around. But that must be done carefully, avoiding innocent casualties.

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From the party of plural pronouns like “they,” “them” or “their,” used for single, known-sex individuals, comes a progressive dog whistle.

“Count Every Vote!” is the impassioned cry of demonstrators now virtuously taking to the streets days after the election. Of course, the implication is that Trump’s team—and all of us conservatives—want to suppress votes.

But as usual, the vote-woke left don’t come near the truth and won’t say what they really mean. Allow me to translate.

What is desired is to count every Democrat ballot ( you can ignore GOP votes) whether legal or not, on time or not, postmarked by deadline or not. Votes from the relocated are fine. Double or triple voting? Done.

Soon, we voters will be asked to declare our pronouns. “They” entitles you to as many votes as you can cast, fill out or conjure. And deadlines? That’s so white supremacist.

And speaking of smears and hate labels, let’s go to BLM leaders Patrisse Cullors and Melina Abdullah who point to another infinite pool of voters: the dead. On a viral video, these anti-police, divisive, pro-tyranny leaders explained that they call on the spirits of ancestors to guide them as they demonstrate. And we wonder why these peaceful protests devolve into destruction, violence and theft so quickly?

When you dabble in the occult, you get an unexpected audience.

So, demon voters could be a new target. Just think of the possibilities. Who knows what pronouns apply to them?
Do we want the party of phony pronouns and vote cheating? Of burning and looting? Of infanticide and immorality?

As for me and my house (pronoun she, her, hers), I choose honoring the Lord and following the American Constitution.

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Now this sounds fine until you think about what they are doing here. What's involved in not using "anti-LGBT language"? Does this mean a student can't say homosexuality is a sin? Or that it's against his/her own personal ethics? It's highly likely that kind of language would be offensive to GLSEN, in which case this is a group that supports discrimination based on religion or denying free speech -- not to mention, they are clueless about the reality of homosexuality and gender confusion and their harmful impact on teens.

GLSEN pairs up approval of homosexuality and gender confusion with preventing bullying. Will some kids be manipulated into signing this, thinking they are being compassionate and that there's no other possible solution? Of course they will. And GLSEN has stated one of the goals -- to identify those who are, as they put it, "anti-gay." If you don't go along with the way GLSEN has inaccurately defined the situation with their erroneous solutions, you are the same as a bully, a mean, heartless person. GLSEN is using peer pressure to indoctrinate the entire school community (if they can get away with this) into embracing homosexuality and gender confusion. It's another of their attempted re-education programs, enlisting straight "allies." But such allies are no friends to their homosexually attracted peers if they go along with this.

And what about Christian kids, and others who have faith objections to homosexual behavior? There's no room for their beliefs here, no tolerance, no diversity.

In schools where kids are allowed to distribute these pledge cards and get people to sign their list, you may see T-shirts and posters as well, but it's not appropriate for schools to allow this, since it's again, a back-door way to get people to give approval to known high risk, immoral behavior. And since no child is born homosexual or in the wrong sex body, no responsible organization or school should be selling "gay" behavior to kids in the first place.

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To Christians

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And the big question is: why do you let the world define what's right to do? What will be "accepted" or not? What is "hate" or not? This defense of inaction completely undermines who Christ is and what God is able to do. Such cowardice should make us tremble. For God would not only be with us if we tried to talk some sense into the world, He is just as able to judge each Christian and the society we live in for our disloyalty and cold-heartedness. I believe right now, He is doing just exactly that.

The moral decline in our world--the violent images that are the daily bread of our children, the school shootings, the acceptable treason of our elected leaders--will not stop until the Church is willing to be politically incorrect and cry out loudly in protest to proclaim what is good, instead of meekly retreating in the face of evil. With all the hope that is in the Gospel, why do so many remain silent?

We win the argument in the end, of course. Homosexuality will eventually be seen for the lie it is, a lie against all that God created a person to be; a lie about how people are best to love and relate to one another; a lie of omission about the health hazards involved, the sinful origins of homosexual desire and the real possibility of change. It will be seen for a lie that invalidated the authenticity of Scripture for many, leading them to believe in false gods and goddesses, creating worship of a "Jesus" that does not exist. They will realize that the defenders of homosexuality were wolves masked by this false worship, leading many of Christ's sheep to be fed in fields fertile with enticing poison.

But it will be too late for America as we know it when "experts" and "authorities"--and even the Church's leaders--finally realize their error. My fear is that we've already crossed a line where Pandora's box cannot be closed. These practices are well-established already in the lives of many teens and young adults, and we are soon to live in a society of sexual barbarians where all types of unspeakable practices are accepted.


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To Christians

The conflict in our culture over homosexuality is heating up at an astonishing pace. The battle now needs to be waged on many fronts simultaneously: in the media, in our schools, in the courts, on campus, and within the medical profession. Most tragically of all, the battle over sexuality threatens to divide Christianity as nothing has since the Reformation.

It is in this last arena where I entered the fight to begin with, and where I believe our central focus should be. We are in a fight to determine who we are created to be. God is our Creator, so the battlefield always ends up at the foot of the cross.

So why isn't this issue of immediate concern to more confessing Christians? Homosexual activists and their allies are, in case one hasn't noticed, the torch-carriers for a movement to destroy biblically-oriented Christianity and its positive influence on our culture. They won't be able to reinvent Christianity, of course. Christ's authentic Church of true believers will remain steadfast even if we're stripped of all we have in this world. But they could destroy our culture. The bigger point is, how will Christians account to God for how we responded to this challenge, and the people whose souls, health and lives could have been salvaged?

I am increasingly convinced that much of the Church will have a lot of explaining to do. Why did most pastors allow evil to be "sold" to our young people with barely a whimper of protest? Why did you allow this tragic behavior to become a chic cause celebre in the media without trying to take a stand against it? Why did you let seminaries teach this blasphemy? Why did you spend little or no time in the pulpit dealing with this and all the related sexuality issues - promiscuity, pornography, adultery, fornication - sins that are tearing apart the families and personal lives of even Bible-confessing Christians? Why did you constantly decry "political involvement" when this is a deeply moral issue, one for which there are ready arguments to be made in the public square had more Christian leaders been willing to make them?


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GLSEN Donated Books Will Corrupt Children at School

Everyone loves presents, right? Well maybe not all of them. There are some materials being donated in recent months to schools that should be packed up and returned immediately.

The homosexual group GLSEN, the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network, has a new project to send collections of books to as many schools as possible, and these books will not be Little Women or The Little Engine that Could. They call it the “Rainbow Library” but of course, their version of celebrating a rainbow is not a blessing and covenant from God but the opposite—defying God’s word by confusing and corrupting impressionable children about gender and homosexuality.

Here's what GLSEN writes about this effort, that “...Across 28 states and 3,600 schools, GLSEN has sent books that center the voices of queer authors of color and voices of trans and nonbinary authors.” GLSEN goes on to say that these books reflect the “feelings and fears” of “queer childhood.” Queer childhood?

This kind of predatory thinking is exactly why the Florida Parental Rights Bill passed and exactly why we need a similar bill here in Ohio.

It’s heartbreaking that a number of schools may have already accepted GLSEN’s books, which come in sets of 10 for various ages groups. And if you caught it in their statement, GLSEN continues the effort to latch onto the coattails of the race movement with as many book characters of color as possible, so these books are included in “diversity, equity and inclusion” goals.

GLSEN somehow still maintains the deception that such books can literally “save kids’ lives.” No--It’s quite the opposite when children are fast-tracked into body and life-destroying behaviors.

GLSEN claims there are 800 schools on their waitlist and they just need more donations. I am truly hoping this is not true and is just a fundraising ploy but the radical educators out there may usher these books into your school.


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How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids
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Christian Faith. The biggest danger is what this friendship will do to genuine Christian faith. Your child will hear the assertion over and over that the friend is not only well-adjusted, but sure that he could never be anything other than homosexual, or is really trapped in the wrong sex body. This is certainly a firm belief, but it’s not based on reality. The long-term evidence is that homosexuality and gender confusion arise out of dysfunction, including experiences like child sexual abuse, poor relationships with parents (especially the same sex parent), and peer difficulties. An introspective personality, and the availability of pornography may then turn a slight attraction into obsessive fantasies. It may influence the person with a shaky gender identity to fantasize about "becoming" the opposite sex (which can never actually happen).

The claim once made about the elusive “gay gene” has been quietly dropped by most of the pro-homosexual organizations, because it can’t be supported by science. Instead, the approach has begun to be, “Well, it doesn’t matter—if this is what we want, it must be natural and okay.” But dangerous behavior that arises out of unhappy, unhealthy circumstances does not call for affirmation. It cries out for a solution. Rather than blessing anal sex between 14- year- old boys—which is what "LGBTQ" advocacy groups believe is normal—most parents readily see that this is tantamount to insanity.

The Bible informs us that homosexual behavior is common among paganized cultures, along with lots of other very destructive actions. We are becoming a paganized society and, sure enough, all types of sexual (and other) behavior is more commonplace. Rather than being just a set percentage of people, homosexuality is instead one of a cafeteria selection of behaviors that adolescents especially are now trying. As we grow further separated from the truth of God, we are “exchanging the truth of God for the lie” (Romans 1:25) and worshipping ourselves and our own instincts, wherever they take us.


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How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids
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But the issues with a “gay-straight” encounter are enormous. Not just the usual pregnancy concern, but the sexually transmitted disease risks can be great. Young men who have homosexual attractions or who are gender "fluid" have usually done something about it by late high school and certainly by college. This may have involved casual sex readily available at “gay” bars, or even encounters in public parks or restrooms. The encounter may have been with an older male, possibly carrying a sexually transmitted infection. Girls who have lesbian feelings may have already had sex with both males and females, since early sexual initiation is common among lesbians. For your son who may be infatuated with this person, she may have an STD or could become pregnant.

Gender Identity. But let’s say you are very sure that no sexual attraction or risk exists in this friendship. Still, there are other reasons to be wary. A casual relationship may pose little risk, but the closer the friendship, the more influence this person will have on your son or daughter’s beliefs about homosexuality, and about masculinity and femininity. I have talked with many teens in youth groups, high school classes, etc. and have been told by loyal friends of homosexuals that they really believe their friends’ claim that he or she was “born that way” or "born in the wrong sex body." The heartfelt assertion that this is just “who I am” may make your child doubt anything you may tell him or her. Particularly for girls, it may influence your daughter to buy into some very negative feminist ideology as well and may influence her concept of her own femininity.

Being close friends with an opposite sex homosexual may begin to influence the type of members of the opposite sex your son or daughter chooses to date. Will your son begin to choose more aggressive women? Will your daughter prefer more passive or feminized males? Spending time with a gender-confused person may create very distorted ideals and expectations in your child that may not be readily apparent.

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'Don't Allow Grooming' Bill Exposes 'LGBTQ" Child Agenda

Once again, it’s all about the adults and their preferences/depravities, and child human shields are mostly unimportant, except for perhaps the hard-to-locate gender-confused 6-year-old, who will be sadly paraded as a literal poster child in upcoming court cases in the hope of overturning this bill.

Does the sustained outrage mean that Big Gay will now openly push small grade schoolers to identify as LGBTQ? There’s a term for that: grooming.

And we know the answer is yes, when and where they can get away with it. Radical educators have already been doing this, hence the need for the bill. Lately, grooming techniques have gotten much more overt in schools nationwide. But to see such honesty from these advocates about their goals is a teachable, if tragic, moment.

“Get out of our way while we recruit/convert/corrupt your children! You have no right to stop us.”

This bill in no way prevents any child from being “seen” and will allow greater chance for academic success. Does HRC really take the position that K – 3rd grade children deserve to identify as homosexual or “trans,” regardless of parental consent? That would be a jaw-dropping advocacy of essentially criminal conduct.

GLSEN decries the “...continuing pattern of openly targeting LGBTQ+ youth from Governor DeSantis...” No child is being “targeted” but instead, protected.

And right on cue, the National Education Association is screaming “discrimination,” even the horrifying prospect that a homosexual teacher may not be able to reveal his/her chosen identity to young children. If only! How refreshing such schools would be!

NEA may want to inform “LGBTQ” teachers about the option to overcome these attractions/identities and becoming an ex-“gay” or ex-lesbian.

Why do these adult activists so desperately want little children to learn all about homosexuality and gender deviance? Without parents present? That fits the definition of grooming. And in the not-too-distant-past, such actions would qualify as a crime of child corruption, subject to criminal penalties.

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Middle school is described by many parents as a gauntlet of twisted, dangerous indoctrination emanating from activist teachers, administrators and school counselors drawn to the 6th to 8th grade age cohort. Why? Because the pubescent child is the ideal subject for ideological manipulation.
The hallways were papered with “LGBT” rainbows and messages pushing “love is love.” School announcements regularly featured perky voices plugging “gay-straight alliance” activities. Diversity, equity, social justice themes popped up everywhere, the mom told me. “My daughter was inundated with constant propaganda.”

Thankfully, her child remained solidly grounded in the truth, so the attempts to win her acceptance had the opposite effect, cementing her position as a determined Christian conservative.

But that isn’t the outcome in many families. Parents regularly report the poisonous fruit of bizarre middle school messages, including screaming matches over dinner with badly informed “tweens.” Parents watch their once-affectionate offspring turn into hard, hostile junior progressives with defiant attitudes, questionable friends, secret activities, falling grades and worse.

Many families suffer in silence, too intimidated to bring their concerns forward. In the wake of COVID shutdowns and remote learning, some have quietly chosen permanent home-schooling. But many are stuck in government schools, silently seething as children are intentionally sold sexual confusion, hatred of America, Marxism, and racial division.

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Black Lives Matter is a movement based on snot-nosed dismissal of American opportunity, history, affluence, and morality. Not only is the group financially connected to Susan Rosenberg, a domestic terrorist convicted in 1984 for bombing campaigns, but the women founders of BLM exhibit other serious emotional and intellectual deficits as they negatively mischaracterize almost everything in their path—men, the nuclear family, police, American heritage, capitalism, unborn babies, Western civilization, sexuality, Jews, and their white human brothers and sisters.

Oh, and they just happen to be black. But it’s the brat in them and in Colin that most people find objectionable. It has nothing to do with color. For these race-obsessed opportunists, darker skin color provides cover for a deeply destructive ideology.

People are now getting fired from jobs just for social media posts or reckless speech. Yet Washington Post has not fired opinion editor, Karen Attiah, who actually tweeted about “white women” being lucky that black people aren’t “calling for revenge.”

Is it too much to expect these people to grow up, stop whining, cut the threats, and cease their campaigns of destruction?

No one looking through an accurate lens of American history can claim with a straight face that there is more tyranny today, more oppression, fewer opportunities than in the past. The trajectory has been exactly the opposite.

These are infantile fantasies. And ironically, race is actually not the driver here. It’s adolescent rebellion.

I praise God for people who are in a unique position to speak the truth right now—Candace Owens, Ben Carson, Bob Woodson, Larry Elder and others.

The fact remains that this country is a beautiful beacon of hope in a bleak world. For the immature hearts incapable of recognizing this, there is a solution. They can grow up or get out.

Let’s pray for the former.

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We have a choice. We can turn away from the childish mob. We can prosecute the lawbreakers while ignoring their press agent bullies-- the Colin Kaepernicks, AOCs, Stacey Abrams, and LeBron Jameses of America.

Christians especially must resist manipulation. Because it’s obvious that, to these radicals, only certain black lives “matter.” Certainly not the teens killed in the Seattle CHOP/CHAZ, nor the epidemic of black on black murders (including children), nor the abortions of black babies. Nor Christian blacks in Nigeria, where genocide continues virtually unreported by the American media or decried by Western church leaders.
America's current dilemma is not because of white privilege, or even black privilege. Our nation is being ruled by brat privilege, where adults who once had sense are yielding to the demands of the immature and the unwise, the reckless, the pathological.

Yet the agitators forget—God is watching.

Remember the rebellion of Korah in the wilderness (Numbers 16)? A group of malcontents defied the leadership of Moses and Aaron, forgetting the Hebrews’ dramatic rescue from Egyptian slavery, the miraculous Red Sea crossing, and God’s provision of manna in the wilderness. More and more people joined Korah and his upstart buddies.

It did not end well for them. God was not endlessly patient, letting them vent, being sensitive to their wokeness. God’s wrath descended on these rebels, and about 15,000 people were consumed by fire, swallowed into a pit or killed in a plague.

The Lord desires an appreciative heart. When God’s will to protect and bless people is subverted, the consequences can be dire.

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Meanwhile, authentic risks stalk our children daily at school, in the media and elsewhere. How about a little perspective here? Can I get an Amen?
We are living in times of strong delusion. It’s probably not The Strong Delusion of 2 Thessalonians, but a veil of deception has apparently descended on much of America, and its name is “safety.”

Government warning labels on everyday life or low-risk activities are becoming tiresome. One young girl in Northern Kentucky spoke against masks at a school board meeting, invoking “my body - my choice,” and was backed by overwhelming audience applause.

But Scripture is unfolding before our eyes, where evil is good, and good is evil.
If they had been totally masked Antifa or Black Lives Matter activists setting fires and smashing windows, Kamala Harris would already be raising money for their defense. Destructive progressive protests are indulged because as we know (or are supposed to believe), white, heterosexual privilege is horribly damaging, it’s omnipresent along with the horrors of capitalism, probably even at this library. And it deserves random violence.

In this same library in recent weeks, prominently displayed books entice children into sexual behavior in all directions. They can and often should change genders (which usually brings lifelong medical disability and disfigurement). And our youth should consider being “gay” or “queer,” behaviors associated with high medical risks.
Incorrect pronouns are an existential threat, along with abstinence-until-marriage sex education. And questioning a confused student’s opposite sex identity is “gender violence,” according to the latest edition of the National Sex Education Standards.

Administering puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to gender confused children constitutes no harm but “saves lives,” according to the latest “best-practices” in medicine. Hippocrates is rolling over in his grave.

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To Christians

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Violence, as in Sodom and Gomorrah, accompanies widespread sexual license, already evident in the millions of abortions performed each year. Why are we surprised when violence emerges from behind the closed doors of clinics, and into our schools and eventually, our streets and homes? Decline will be swift and painful and Christians will not escape the trauma in this world. We can look forward to eternity, which in all its glory will be a blessed aftermath. But tribulation here and now is coming unless we turn our society around. Only Christians can do this, for we are the only ones willing to stick it out.

Or so one would think.

There aren't many folks in this fight, but this is why we are. It simply represents the essence of who people are, and who Christ is. We don't know how much impact we can have, but we know we are called to try. It would be encouraging to have more Christians join us.

"Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables."
(2 Timothy 4:2-4 NKJV)

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How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids
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The homosexually-inclined teen or college student, or the one who is gender deviant, invariably has a distorted version of faith. Sometimes it’s a New Age philosophy, sometimes lately even wicca or witchcraft. More commonly, it’s a compromised “christianity” that doesn’t believe Christ was our Saviour and maintains that there are many versions of truth. They will often have adopted the convoluted justifications for homosexuality that have been recently developed by homosexual-friendly churches. Along with this is usually an ample dose of hostility toward Christians who believe the truth, including you as your child’s hateful, repressed and obviously uninformed parents. Is this what you want your child to hear over and over?

This friend may do this all the while they are smiling in their encounters with you. My daughter had a friend who is not (to my knowledge) a lesbian, but has very pro-homosexual attitudes. She would call our house and very perkily ask for my daughter and would always greet me very pleasantly. On one occasion, I remember one such friendly call from her to my daughter. I was therefore quite surprised when I opened our local paper the next day, to see a letter to the editor from her discussing me by name and calling me a bigot. This was my first clue about what she really believed. My daughter then reported to me that this friend never missed an opportunity to mock my beliefs to my daughter and in front of others. Luckily, this friend did not have much influence on my child or the damage could have been disastrous.

Yet such a friendship can be an opportunity for witnessing to your child and teaching them the truth of the Gospel. First it’s important to do the research. Learn a lot about homosexuality and then how it is really presented in the Bible. The more I researched the current trends about what actually goes on among homosexuals and "transgenders" and what their claims are, the more clear the Gospel became. Its timeless truth became evident and that much more hopeful and beautiful for all of us.

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How Homosexual Friends Can Influence Our Kids
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But depending on how close the friendship is, some real dangers exist, particularly if your child is not a Christian or is not well-grounded in the faith. Several parents have called us and tearfully related their experiences about a child who was eventually drawn into a homosexual relationship this way, when there was no previous sign of same sex attraction. There is even more vulnerability if the homosexual is a few years older and viewed as a mentor of some kind. And of course, you should never allow your child to become close to an adult who is a homosexual, even if that person is a relative, nor to a male identifying as a female or vice versa. The role modeling alone sets a poor example.

However, even if the homosexual friend is of the opposite sex, there are still some very serious dangers. Some women, for instance, are drawn to homosexual men as friends. There’s even a name for women who have lots of male homosexual friends in the “gay” community— the “fag hag.” Men with gender identity issues are sometimes drawn to women as friends, and your daughter may be the tender-hearted person who responds. However, just because a guy declares himself to be attracted to men does not mean he is incapable of having sex with women. In fact, ex-homosexuals I know relate that it’s extremely common for “gay” men to sometimes have sex with women, either “straight” or lesbian. (This is just one more of the many testimonies to the fact that no one is “born” gay).

Why does this happen? The reasons could be loneliness, or his “once last chance” attempt to prove masculinity, or an attempt by the female to “save” him from these desires by her intense love. And your son or daughter may have a secret crush on this person, believing that eventually the “gay” friend will love them in the same way. Alcohol is often a factor that may suddenly transform the friendship into a hook-up, just like it’s happening among heterosexual students.

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And they are exactly right. Males will now be free to waltz into work in female dress and their employers can do nothing about it. Eighteen-year-old girls who have mutilated their bodies to try to become male will be able to sue the family restaurant that doesn’t hire them. Restrooms, locker rooms and women’s shelters will just go ahead and allow males who say they are women to enter female spaces. Never forget, these folks have never respected laws or rules, and they specialize in pushing the limits all the time.

God help us.

This never had to happen. The heartbreak and tragedy that will roll out from this decision will be visited on many families who never saw it coming as their children become deeply corrupted because there is nothing to hold back the depraved indoctrination of "out" teachers, coaches, camp counselors, etc. We have empowered an anti-Christian arrogance that will not stop at the church house door, but will storm right in.

And this was always a solution in search of a problem. There are very few cases where people are fired today based solely on homosexual or gender deviant behavior. What this case represented is the key that opens every door to the fondest dreams of the homosexual activists, and that is to be able to silence objectors and intimidate those who might possibly criticize or challenge whatever they demand.

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Providentially, many “LGBT pride” events this year have been cancelled (the giant New York parade among them). Others are postponed. Praise God that this year, fewer confused men and women – and vulnerable adolescents--will be propelled into depraved temptations during these phony “celebrations.”

Can we just declare the “LGBT” agenda to be irrelevant to the reality of human existence? That these are self-indulgent delusions that always and irrevocably corrupt the society at large?

And the proud march toward gender mutilation must come to a halt, including divisive, destructive school policies that pit confused, indoctrinated children against their parents, like the following California Department of Education guidance: “With rare exceptions, schools are required to respect the limitations that a student places on the disclosure of their transgender status, including not sharing that information with the student’s parents.”

So here’s what’s happening. Students are pressured incessantly at many schools to accept “LGBT” behavior and the most vulnerable, unstable students flirt with these identities at school. Then school officials maintain a secret pact with students to withhold information from the family about a child’s high-risk inclinations. Too many teens are then advised by misguided counselors to become chemically and surgically mutilated even without their parents’ consent.

This violates every principle of God’s divine design, protection and provision for children. It’s easily malpractice and should be criminal conduct, but unless we stop the “trans” war against reality, similar policies will invade every state’s education bureaucracy. Won’t parents just stand up and end this child-endangerment?

Let’s free the slaves in our schools—students trapped in the nightmare of insane “LGBTQ” propaganda.

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“I am the mother of a child who suddenly claimed a transgender [identity] and became swiftly medicalized....

"I am a mere representative of the many thousands of parents who have had their child medicalized in as little as one visit to a gender affirming medical establishment. ....I am sharing the truth of gender identity medicine today as our family and countless others have experienced it.”

“.. Our story involves a young adult daughter while away at college. It was a mere few months after her prescription for testosterone that she had her breasts amputated. There is nothing that could have prepared our family for this tragedy that is still unfolding. She was gender conforming, had mostly female friends her entire life… and had little interest in stereotypical masculine activities at all.

“Our daughter was extremely gifted, highly creative, ....[but] she has strayed far from the promising trajectory she was once on. ...She has severed ties with all family members save for some tenuous contact with a sibling.... Can this possibly be medical care? She was encouraged by her like-minded peers, harbored by her university and swiftly led down the rabbit hole of transgender medicine ...

“... Regarding the thousands of parents in like situations, I know their stories too. Our stories are eerily similar and yet we read lie after lie in the mainstream media that we are bigots, 'transphobes,‘....and other names, many too despicable to mention. We read that we have disowned our children when the opposite is often true. ...We read the lies that only adults get surgeries or that our children have gone through rigorous psychological counseling. Neither of these is true. Some parents have even lost their children in the court of law when they question this supposed ‘care.’
And this mom closed by writing this: “....I live in fear for my daughter and other young people across this country where mutilating body parts is increasingly becoming second nature. ...”

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There are two primary reasons why this war was lost. First, persons and organizations that support and/or promote traditional values were slow to recognize the magnitude of the conflict and the consequences of losing. Accordingly, gay rights activists had years to gain their near insurmountable foothold in the media, government, industry, and academia.

Sadly, the leadership of most of the mainline religious denominations were among the first to recognize homosexuals as a persecuted sexual minority and diligently worked to welcome them into their congregations and even into the pulpit. The result was a precipitous decline in membership and a rupture in church unity with many congregations leaving their respective denominations. Nevertheless, these religious leaders seem more than willing to give up a large part of their membership as well as the authority of scripture solely to affirm homosexuality within the church.

Second, and most important, supporters of traditional values also failed to understand the nature of the homosexual agenda and gay activist groups were to left to frame the dimensions of the debate. That is, that homosexuality was inborn and unchangeable and the issue was one of civil rights to a sexual minority, not the deviant and corrupting behavior that homosexuality had been considered over the last several thousand years.

As a result, "sodomy" has all but disappeared from the contemporary lexicon, and the practice is now popularly referred to by the more modern term of "homosexuality." The practice was given a certain air of respectability by the Supreme Court in the June 26, 2003 decision in Lawrence vs. Texas in which the court essentially ruled that homosexuality defines a class of people, not a behavior. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, agreeing with the majority, wrote "A law branding one class of persons as criminal solely based on the state’s moral disapproval of that class and the conduct associated with that class runs contrary to the values of the Constitution and the Equal Protection Clause, under any standard of review.”

Indeed, homosexual affirmation has become the "third rail" of the culture war with most organizations acquiescing to homosexual affirmation in order not to be labeled "homophobic." The paranoia extends even to popular broadcasters and columnists who are otherwise conservative but, for the most part avoid issues associated with gay rights in fear of touching the dreaded "third rail" and having to defend themselves against charges of homophobia.

America is moving in the same direction as Canada and most Western democracies concerning homosexuality, where the practice is a protected behavior and steep penalties can be exacted for voicing what might be considered "hate" speech--including statements that speak against homosexuality from a religious perspective.

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We’re all figuring out the new normal, yet it’s important to be on guard as the usual suspects try to rip off America while we aren’t looking.

For instance, Samaritan’s Purse is subjected to petty protests from the left about possible “LGBTQ” exclusion from their field hospitals built to take care of virus patients—of any preference or persuasion—in New York City’s Central Park.

So what contributions are America’s homosexual activists making out of the goodness of their hearts? Sacrificing time, talent and treasure to lend a hand to any suffering American, even a Christian, who shows up at their vast array of volunteer clinics?

In a word, zip. Instead, the self-interested Human Rights Campaign is morphing into the latest whining entitlement group. A recent e-blast lamented the marginalized “LGBTQ” community’s limited access to health insurance, the message being that it’s everyone else’s responsibility to provide for these self-disadvantaged perennial victims. Never mind their chosen high-risk lifestyles. The President must be pressured to reopen the wasteful ACA health exchange bureaucracies during the virus emergency.

Watch for the virus relief bills to cover “gay” entitlements as these radicals never let a crisis go to waste, and also, seldom think about anyone but themselves.

While the virus shutdown settles in for a few weeks, parents must diligently protect children now at home for seven additional hours each weekday. Guarding them from cyber danger is essential.

The good news is that drag queens are shut out of libraries for now. The bad news is that some are offering online “entertainment” for kids where perversion is pitched as a light-hearted joke and “LGBTQ” deviance mainstreamed as a normal option.

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) will hold its annual pro-homosexual/pro-gender-confusion propaganda day, the “Day of Silence,” online for middle and high schoolers this year on April 24. This child corruption organization will also conduct virtual “gay straight alliances” (or “genders and sexualities alliances”) in what they believe is “support” for these terribly confused teens.

Be alert to any connection your middle or high schooler makes on the Internet or in social media to GLSEN or its affiliated activists. They fill young minds and hearts with immoral, ungodly misinformation, are openly hostile to Christian doctrine and seek to propel youth down heartbreaking, sinful roads.

The Human Rights Campaign is in the child endangerment business as well. Its gender confusion indoctrination program for grade schoolers called “Welcoming Schools” is holding a Wednesday online “inclusive” story session, featuring books normalizing gender switching, and families with two moms or two dads. Make sure your kids stay far away from this lollipop deviance.

There is some good news for parents grieving about a teen’s gender identity confusion. Surgeries to amputate healthy body parts (or construct false ones) are on hold for now, because they truly are “non-essential.” The bad news is that off-label prescriptions for puberty blockers and opposite sex hormones can continue.

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Sarah” (not her real name) contacted Global Media Outreach (globalmediaoutreach.com)2 in May 2018. She indicated that she had received Christ as her Savior, but she opened with this comment: “I’m a FTM (female to male) and want to serve Christ, but I don’t want to leave this life. . . . . I’m confused.” Eventually, I learned that prior to her transition, she lived as a lesbian for seventeen years. How would you answer? Can someone like this ever change?
Keys for Victory

Separation—The individual needs to separate himself completely from homosexual and transgender friends and activities. This is critical, and can be very hard. He may need to get a new job. When we ask this of him, we are asking him to give up everything. He is weak, and it’s a war. He is in a spiritual battle for his life. He will also need to separate from wicked influences of the media and other activities that will pull him down.

Immersion—He must immerse himself in Christian things. He will need to get new friends, to be in church, to study God’s Word, and to establish a solid prayer life. He needs someone to disciple him and be an accountability partner. (He should not have an accountability partner who is struggling to overcome homosexuality or is a transgender. Some support groups do this to their peril.)

Change of focus—He needs to get the focus off of self and on to spiritual things. The answer is not looking deeper into one’s self for the answer. The goal is to move the person away from focusing on self and his issues, putting the focus on Christ and maturing spiritually.

Renewing the mind: The individual needs to get the focus off of sex. He shouldn’t dwell on the struggle with lust and sin.

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Top 5 Excuses When Radicals Corrupt Children
Progressives are busy smashing the innocence and dreams of our youth, but they aren’t doing it without thought. They have their reasons.
They are ultimately ungodly and foolish reasons revealing base instincts, flawed values, the direct influence of the demonic realm, or all of the above.

What are the explanations? Here’s a list of their most frequent excuses.

1. It’s for the “safety” of kids. A key goal of the “LGBT” crowd is to put traditional moral standards on defense, so one tactic is to co-opt bullying prevention programs. Many current lessons imbed a deceptive idea in otherwise positive messages— be kind, don’t be a bully, and to avoid this abhorrent label, be an ally and supporter of “LGBTQ” behaviors and identities. The pro-homosexual National Education Association, the nation’s largest union, has pushed and funded this duplicitous idea for over a decade, even quoting the invalid, online GLSEN “School Climate Survey.”

Propagandists often pair acceptable messages with extremely questionable ones. Today, they use children as human shields for “LGBT” agenda goals.

So what does “support” for these newly-created homosexual and gender confused kids look like? A school must allow no warnings about these behaviors or objections which make these students feel “unsafe.” A violation of the First Amendment? Medically and morally inaccurate? It doesn’t matter as long as the “gay” lobby can get parents to fall for this.

So students in the “gay straight alliance” club at West Linn High School in Oregon recently walked out of school to protest the Chick-Fil-A food truck serving school football games. An official at the school said they were considering the students’ position as with all “potential safety concerns.”

Chick-Fil-A is unsafe? No, here’s what’s unsafe—being prevented from hearing the truth that God has marvelously designed sex for one man and one woman in holy matrimony.

Children are starving for the nourishment of moral reality.

2. It’s part of being “inclusive” for “all” kids. In case you were not aware, messages about sexual responsibility and healthy behavior “excludes” those students who are already sexually active, and “LGBTQ” kids, who need to learn about anal and oral sex. So all students, therefore, are forced under “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) to hear that anal, oral and vaginal sex are normal for teens and can be managed safely with condoms and contraceptives. And this instruction needs to begin in middle school.

So the Austin, TX school system recently passed a controversial sex ed program that allegedly includes “abstinence.” Here’s what one pro-family activist there told me: “Yes, anal and oral sex with graphic descriptions of both are included in a sixth grade classroom activity in which eleven-year-olds are given 20 cards of various activities and made to discuss which ones are abstinence. Not only does the lesson explain anal and oral sex, it counts as material that is about abstinence required by law in Texas.”

California parents are just waking up to the horrific legislation passed several years ago – California’s “Healthy Youth Act”—mandating deliberate corruption of the state’s kids with X-rated subjects and pro-”LGBT” messages.

Praise God, some parents are responding, “Over my dead body.” There are a few lovely victories, like the school board in Battleground Schools (WA) turning down the obscene “FLASH” CSE program.

After the legalization of same sex marriage, homosexual activists went full steam to demand through many avenues (including the NEA) that school lessons must include respect for “LGBTQ” behaviors. “Respect” means normalizing early sex, graphic details of sex acts and lessons with same sex role-playing scenarios.

3. Children asked for it. Another excuse given for shoving pro-abortion and “LGBT” misinformation at kids is that “kids want this.” Yes, so whatever behavior kids have been taught to demand, in some schools they get. The child empowerment movement pushes the bolder kids in front of school boards. Some are already hardened activists screaming that their rights are being infringed, on their way to a college affiliation with Antifa.

Sexual corruption, let’s not forget, breeds more boundary-smashing and other psychological instabilities.

Cathy Ruse described the climate in the Fairfax (VA) schools as including cuddling polyamorous groups of kids in the halls —“thruples” and “quadruples” (rhymes with couples). And at the same school there are now “furries,” students who believe they are animals and self-identify as cats, foxes, etc.

4. The radicals think there’s nothing wrong and it’s all positive. The hard reality is that some people think there’s nothing inappropriate about kids being sexual.

One drag queen admitted in an interview recently that the goal was indeed to “groom the next generation.” Grooming is the term describing pedophile actions softening a child’s resistance to adult sexual contact.

A drag queen in the Seattle area performed an explicit strip act for kids. Another in Minneapolis was filmed “flashing himself” with partial nudity. Another invited little kids to lie on top of him after the reading time. Several of these deviant males have past convictions of child molestation and involvement in prostitution.

A PTA president at a school in Harlem performed an erotic “drag” routine to an auditorium full of elementary students several years ago.

5. Homosexual expression or gender “transition” will prevent suicide. Playing the suicide card is a frequent part of the game here, where parents are told, “If you don’t affirm your daughter in her new identity as a male, she will kill herself. Do you want a live son or a dead daughter?” So against your common sense, your faith, and everything you knew about your child prior to the current corruption overload, you are persuaded by an “affirming” counselor that mutilating her healthy body is the best course of action.

But here’s where mythology collides with truth. No one is born in the “wrong sex body” and suicide risks remain high, according to research, even after taking hormones and undergoing mutilating surgery.

An entire new activist group is now forming – “de-transitioners”—young adults now outraged over the deformed bodies and limited futures that have been handed to them. They will never conceive children. They are disfigured, often sexually dysfunctional. And the future holds the very real prospect of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis at young ages. All because of a deviant and unsupported agenda everyone thinks is “inclusive.”

It’s actually the opposite. When your ideology excludes the truth, everything else is a high-stakes gamble.

Sometimes I think I’m living in a fun house with crazy mirrors where very little is what it seems. But that’s why we must keep turning to the Lord and standing with Him in the power of the Holy Spirit.

And speaking out. Pastors, please address this from the pulpit. We are to be salt and light.

Jesus is the frame of all wisdom and sets us free, and He will direct our paths.

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What does this have to do with the original goal of homosexual clubs -- to highlight the problem of bullying?

Sounds like the bullied are being tutored to become the bullies, drinking deeply from a poisonous brew of misinformation, resentment toward authority, unhealthy sexual attractions and gender delusion.

It’s not just in the GSA clubs where America’s schoolchildren will be corrupted in the new anti-American, Marxist orthodoxy. It’s also occurring in sex education networks where Planned Parenthood and its affiliates direct the action.

Advocates for Youth, a major promoter of “comprehensive sexuality education” (usually condom-obsessed and XXX-rated) recently announced an online meeting for students called “Mutual Aid,” designed allegedly to help black “LGBTQ” youth. One of the groups leading the meeting is “Freedom Fighters DC,” describing themselves as a group of “activists focused on change through organized actions while simultaneously advocating to #DefundThePolice.”

Yes, this has so much relevance to preventing pregnancy. And taxpaying parents are always eager to open the door to such influence in the lives of their 13-year-olds.

Advocates for Youth receives funds from the federal government through the Centers for Disease Control’s Division of Adolescent and School Health. Shouldn’t such funding end for any group training youth to hate the police?

Watch for “reproductive rights” to piggy-back on racial equality concerns. In the Cleveland, Ohio area, a website funded by the U.S. HHS Department of Adolescent Health is called 216Teens.org , which is adamantly pro-abortion and pro-“LGBTQ.” Recently a July 16 social media post advertised an online “summit” for teens ages 13 to 19 to learn about the intersection of “racial and reproductive justice.”

So what is imagined to be this “intersection”? It’s likely to teach that any limitation on access to contraception and abortion for minority students is now part of the definition of “racism.”

Of course! Corrupt children sexually by playing the race card. We need to be one step ahead of this devious betrayal of children.

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Satan has built an underground empire with emerging warriors for “social justice” who scream for “rights.” It’s doomed, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try to take as many captives as possible.

Over a decade ago I researched high school “social justice academies” which were pilot projects in mostly urban schools in cities like Chicago and Boston. Read: white liberals testing revolutionary concepts on mostly black kids.

Along with racial reconciliation messages, social justice lessons neatly incorporate “LGBTQ” propaganda and it’s almost impossible to object (you are automatically a “racist”). Never forget, Black Lives Matter fully embraces the whole sexual deviance agenda, even calling for the end of the traditional family, which they call the “western nuclear family.”

The divisive tactics are not new, just becoming more irrational. Sexual rebellion is often a precursor of civic rebellion, as history shows us.

And so it comes as no surprise that Black Lives Matter is a fervently pro-“LGBTQ” group. Its mission statement says, “We affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum...”

The intersectionality is proud and obvious. Similar to race issue manipulation, the homosexual agenda features relatively few, tragic anecdotes; magnifies a victimhood narrative; and then proceeds to subvert the law, recruit youth, unleash intimidation tactics, make outrageous demands, and never be satisfied. If necessary, they will initiate street action. And police are the enemy.

Twenty years ago, a key player in the indoctrination of kids in “social justice” was a violent revolutionary. Obama-pal William Ayers, the ‘60s bomb-thrower who became a Ph.D. in professor of education, was a social justice movement pioneer as well as a sexual radical. He wrote a glowing endorsement for the 1999 book Queering Elementary Education that featured a foreword by Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, GLSEN and safe schools “czar” under Obama.

GLSEN’s revolutionary roots are still producing poisonous fruit. GLSEN has joined 75 other homosexual groups to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter to condemn “white supremacist violence.”

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The Occult Roots of 'Drag' Identity

Men who dress as women love Halloween, and not just for the costuming opportunities. They are often keenly attuned to the dark spirits of the season and willing to do their bizarre, depraved bidding.

It’s one more reason to keep vulnerable children away from homosexual/gender indoctrination sessions, “drag” tutorials and parents-excluded “safe sex” discussions at your local library. These wicked people are eagerly seducing and grooming children right under our eyes, if we let them.

Drag queens are a scary presence for little kids. The young, mesmerized faces hearing the allegedly “inclusive” lessons and watching the sexual gyrations tell the real story. Something’s strange in this neighborhood, and youngsters get it, even if their clueless parents giggle and nod alongside the corrupted librarians.

The truth is, gender-benders’ public readings and sexualized performances are often influenced by an other-worldly realm. It turns out that many “drag” identifiers follow paganism, witchcraft or Satanism. They don’t even try to hide this close connection.

For instance, in a recent Tweet, the Church of Satan said, “We can confirm that there are a lot of Satanic drag queens. And they are fabulous.”

And the San-Francisco-based Satanic Temple is made up mostly of “LGBTQ” identifiers, even holding a “Pink Mass” at times. A movie made about the group is called “Hail Satan” where the leaders say they’ll fight Christian conservatives “to the death.”

Are they serious about following Satan? Who knows and who cares? Anyone who adopts his name is, tragically, fair game. Satan will exploit and manipulate these fools to his hearts’ desire, and they may never know it.

A drag-devil partnership is popping up everywhere. There are reports of Austin, Texas- area “drag” followers engaging in occult rituals (including black masses) in public parks to “hex” two city council members, courageous people who publicly objected to the perverted “story hours” at local public libraries.

And a church in Chula Vista, CA was vandalized in September with satanic symbols. Some of the members had spoken out against a local “drag queen” event. This doesn’t reflect well on the themes of love and acceptance that “drag queens” insist motivate their events.

Anna Bohach, the 500 Mom Strong leader, wrote about this movement: “Long gone are the caricatures of drag queens as clownishly quaint entertainment for a sub-group of a sub-group of sexually-isolated fetish followers. Nowadays, they want, nay, they demand, that you openly declare your support for their desires, which is focused, like a laser-beam, on your children.”

In Long Beach, California in 2017, a photo surfaced of a devil-horned library presenter who one homosexual website dubbed a “Satanic goddess.” Quickly dismissed as a joke, one has to ask, so what? Does any discerning parent want someone to read books to their children—or do anything with our kids—who dresses like a freak and jokes about such serious matters?

The weapons of their warfare are not carnal, indeed. But neither are ours and ours are far mightier. Praise God, there are believers in Christ who continue to oppose these depraved events, and in the end, our side wins.

Count on it.

But in the meantime, parents must keep speaking out and standing up, and more are doing so every day. Families also need discernment to understand how commonplace and mainstream sorcery has become, and how likely it is your children will come face-to-face with these practices in their everyday lives. At least 1.5 million Americans are witches and pagans, according to some reports, which is comparable to the membership of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Current politics drives some occult activities, with “LGBTQ” identifiers often leading the charge. Hexes and curses against conservative political figures have become common since the 2016 election. One article described the new hexing trend:

“Dakota Bracciale, a 29-year-old transgender/queer witch and co-owner of Catland Books and witch shop in Brooklyn, is pleased with the outcome of the ritual hex placed on US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in October [2018]…”

Another man, Michael Hughes, has been organizing witchcraft rituals to “bind” Donald Trump since 2017 and is doing so this year a week before Halloween.

So those who claim Halloween is just about candy and costumes need to think again. It is shaping up as a significant force, and not in a positive direction.

Around the country this October there were numerous “drag queen” story events with Halloween themes: Tucson ( for “all ages”), Dallas, Atlanta, Riverside, CA, Philadelphia, St. Petersburg. In Ames, Iowa, an all-ages drag show (where children could perform if they wanted) received substantial community push-back. Good for them!

But apparently there’s a new venue for child propaganda sessions—college campuses. Michigan State University recently held a “drag” event for little children and some students. And just as we’ve been alerting parents, it was timed to coincide with “Coming Out “day on October 11. So the goal of these female impersonators was clearly to influence minor children to embrace and then announce a homosexual or gender confused identity.

Why was this allowed at a publicly-funded institution?

Yet the red flags didn’t end there. One of the transvestites introduced the MSU “act” by discussing male cross-dressing through the ages. He said, “…whether it's jestors or shaman, every culture has this experience of getting into costume."

A shaman is essentially a witch doctor. So once again, the occult influence in “drag” venues keeps rearing its ugly head.

Why should people care? It’s a matter of keeping our children away from spiritual and sexual risk. Predatory adults have some very noticeable traits. They manipulate situations where they can be close to children, and they have few or no boundaries-- sexual, social or spiritual.

Drag queens insist on close contact with other people’s children and instantly dismiss parental (or taxpayer) concerns. Should we trust these people?

Absolutely not.

And this Halloween, if we fall for their deception, it’s a huge trick.

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Pro-abortion allies do not stand alone with their hard hearts. Homosexuals and gender rebels are quite often dismissive of God’s blessings, and there’s a foundational reason. They’re embracing what is contrary to God’s creation, His wondrous design of them as male or female, made to unite with a person of the opposite sex. It’s not an accident that homosexual behavior as well as trying to change one’s gender usually brings a lifetime of social, health, moral and spiritual complications.

The Internet is replete with homosexual/transgender hostility toward parents, those who lovingly provided a home, allowance, support, and often college tuition, not to mention the child’s genetic heritage—and receive derision and scorn in return from sexually sinful or gender-deviant children.

The tears of these parents could fill a cathedral. God knows their pain.

Our current culture applauds the person who “comes out” of the closet, no matter what betrayals result from the pursuit of sinful desires. Recently, I was deeply grieved when a young minister we knew as he grew up declared his homosexual preference very publicly. But it was also stunning to watch those who claim identity as believers gush with applause for his “courage.” This is not courage, but rebellion, indulgence and pride.

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The unthinkable may be near at hand: homosexuality as a “civil right.” It’s a complete lie but the signs point to the U.S. Supreme Court granting constitutional rights’ status to same sex “marriage,” and if that happens, homosexual behavior is likely to then become a civil right under U.S. law.

Will our elected representatives prevent this next step from taking place?

Here’s how this may occur. Assuming the states’ rights instructions of the Constitution don’t stop the liberal majority on the high court, and they move on to the equal protection question, their thinking is likely to go like this: that the “person” being equally protected under the law in the 14th amendment can encompass homosexual behavior.

In other words, they will have accepted something that is historically, scientifically and spiritually invalid: that there is a fixed homosexual identity, inborn for some humans, that it is neutral in impact, and so, sin is acceptable and intrinsic for some people. A constitutional right to behavioral preference opens a can of worms that won’t end at the endorsement of homosexuality.

If this homosexual “personhood” mythology is embraced as U.S. high court truth, this will be the justification for same sex “marriage.”

It should break the heart of any freedom-loving, God-honoring American to say this, but there is no evidence that America has the moral will to prevent the following “gay-stapo” dreams from being fulfilled shortly after. We could, but will we?

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I attended a recent "gay pride" parade in Columbus. I'd been to one a few years earlier, and the bad news is that the event has grown much, much larger.

Corporate support is everywhere. Macy's, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, JC Penney, Chipotle, Frito-Lay, and many others. Local Ohio banks, Fifth-Third and Huntington. American Family Insurance. All had sizeable contingents of marchers and banners.

So the continuing high incidence of HIV among males who have sex with males, generating around 29,000 new cases per year in the U.S., is acceptable to these companies and their boards of directors? Just asking. This abundant fruit, so to speak, of the homosexual community is now ignored by the media and considered a big yawn, except by those infected, of course.

JC Penney even sponsored a "Teen Village," with activities for teens from ages 13 to 19 well into Saturday evening following the parade. Aside from the disturbing thought of 13- year- olds socializing with 19- year- olds (apparently no one is concerned here about the potential for child molestation), the teen program advertised that it would include performances by "drag queens and kings," which are males and females flamboyantly dressed as the opposite sex.

And we wonder why some kids are seriously messed up?

Also among the parade marchers were proud politicians. And churches: Episcopal, United Methodist, Evangelical Lutheran and Metropolitan Community Churches, which are founded on a pro-homosexual platform.

One banner from the New Creation Metropolitan Community Church included a prominent slogan: "United Against the Flood of Homophobia." I looked around. There were thousands of cheering people and not one visible expression of homophobia, or even disapproval, much less anything like a flood. And of course, the lavish parade itself, including banners on all the city streetlight poles, was allowed on Columbus' main thoroughfare. Hyperbole, anyone? But no surprise. This movement has cut its teeth on over-the-top whining and victim posturing.

The most disturbing element was the children, lots of them, many with some sort of rainbow jewelry, flag or banner on a stroller. Signs like, "I love my two dads," which the nine or ten-year old next to "dad" had stopped holding and dad was doing for him. Again, what about the mom deliberately left out of this picture? Children want to know both their moms and their dads. To deny them this, is to be selfish, immature parents.

What these folks are proud of is deeply disturbing as a cultural trend but more importantly as an indicator of the depraved values they accept and are working actively to promote. Homosexuality is profoundly disordered, is often harmful physically [think, anal sex between two guys], is empty of the creation of new life, and ends up hurting the participants themselves as well as those to whom their lives are connected. And it's not "hate" to say so-just fact.

Homosexuality is also a considerable threat to religious liberty and free speech, as the demand to show "respect" for these lifestyles is fast becoming a club to silence people who won't assent and don't want homosexual approval taught to their children. The leaders of this movement talk about tolerance, but check out what they do, not what they say. The unfounded harassment incidents are starting to pile up.

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(Regarding the Twilight: Eclipse Movie)

If vampires ever did or do exist, the translation of “vampire” for Christians is “demon.”

Is this what we want occupying our daughters hearts and minds, even in a fantasy world? Romantic obsession with a demonic presence?

The blood thing really should bother us for other reasons. We have an epidemic of cutting as a well-known adolescent pathology. I believe there are spiritual issues involved. These kinds of strange maladies look a lot like demonic activity.

We continue to hand our kids over to the mental environments of death. Unless we change course, they will see spiritual twilight indeed.

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Homosexuality –the behavior— needs to go back in the closet. It needs to be outlawed. It needs to be re-stigmatized. It needs to stop receiving sympathy from middle America and certainly within churches, and be seen for what it is—a blight on people’s lives, a corrupting influence on youth, a contamination of the public health.

To those who are trapped spinning in the mental, moral and spiritual bondage of this lifestyle: I feel for you, and I do pray for you. But you can’t have America. Until you learn to restrain yourselves, there must be lawful restraint of your out-of-control behavior and demands.

Go back in the closet until you shed this behavior. Leave our kids alone. Leave faithful churches alone. Leave our streets in peace. And please, get out of our faces.

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[From an essay "Talking Points on World AIDS Day for Christian Parents", the rest of which is insane as well]

If we eliminated homosexual male sex and intravenous drug use, HIV would be reduced by at least three fourths in this country. Both are unnecessary, chosen behaviors. Schools need to make sure this point is absolutely clear in the minds of every student in health education.
Attacking AIDS through wide distribution of condoms is a complete failure. Do we want to keep promoting sex, or do we want to save lives? Or- do some influential people have financial ties to the condom and contraceptive manufacturers? Is this an example of corruption and big business at work in exploiting poor Third World people?
If homosexual sex is a leading cause of HIV in the U.S., doesn't it make sense to teach people to not engage in these acts? Perhaps "gay" social establishments should close until the HIV rates are severely reduced. And no students should be encouraged to enter homosexuality through "gay" clubs or tolerance lessons.