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I am currently reading Mein Kampf. I wondered why Hitler is held up as the ultimate evil. I personally have good reason to hate him since he exterminated most of my family. But this doesn't explain why people who have no such connection hate him. A far as being a murderer goes, Stalin ties Hitler and Mao far exceeds him, yet neither is nearly so hated. Mein Kampf makes it clear why Hitler was so hated, it is because he told the truth about Liberalism (which he called Marxism) and he told the truth about international bankers. Hitler was the last significant force in the West to oppose Liberalism, and this is why he is so hated. Of course Hitler had many flaws. One was his lack of humanity which allowed him to be a mass murderer, but others were worse. His other major flaw was his racism. But in this he is tied by every Jew who defines a Jew as one who has Jewish mother. So Hitler was no more racist than most Jews are. In many ways Hitler was much like an Orthodox rabbi, struggling to save his race from Liberalism while ignoring the fate of people of other races. I now see the Holocaust as a far greater tragedy than I did before, the biggest tragedy not being those who died, but rather the tragedy being that if Hitler had allied with conservative Jews, he would have won the war and saved Western civilization from the death spiral of Liberalism, and the tragedy is that Hitler's racism prevented this from happening.



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