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Homosexuality is all about sex and lust.....just the fact that they are so promiscuous proves it NEVER is about devotion and love for another person. That is why it is such a disgusting act (aside from the diseases and damage) honor or character for people who engage in those acts and think it “good”. It always ends up in rampant pederasty, like Afghanistan, the Greeks and ancient Japanese.

Our military will be void of honor and character and no different than the pagan Greeks and Romans...the atheist Russians who made Patton puke and the Odin worshipping homosexual Nazi troops....So disgusting how they hide the true facts about the effect of the promotion of such evil, ugly demeaning acts on the morality where ever it occurs, like the Weimar Republic. The Bible describes Sodom and Gomorrah and it was no uglier than the Weimar Republic. It was well known that the National Vice of Germany in the 20’s was rampant homosexuality. Every government official from other countries were warned to watch their back when they had to interact with Germans.

We need to get back to the Christian paradigm that we used to be under for two hundred years. It is aligned with Natural Law Theory and perfect for a free and just people. We need to get back to right and wrong. You cannot teach young children that evil acts are good. Moral relativism has to be abolished in the schools....John Dewey put it in the curricula...that is why we now have such immorality in society. it creates an immoral people who will end up like the Roman Empire. If it wasn’t for Christianity, Western Civ would have died. No pagan, atheist, islamic, etc., societies could ever create the type of free-for-everyone country we had. It is not possible.



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