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None of them are trying to hide their fetishtistic motivations for calling themselves women, which you typically see in TW who want to distance themselves from AGP. So I’m kind of amazed to see them letting all of this hang out, and I’m wondering if they walked into a trap by confirming everything TERFs have been claiming about them from day 1.

I think a lot of them are deeply delusional or very in denial that their "woman feelings" are basically just twisted perversion. So they pretend their AGP is some kind of valid identity and that they're an oppressed minority (which also shows how homophobic they are, because that's how they view gay people, as sexual deviants or something).

But they're not an oppressed minority. They are just straight men who have destroyed their sexuality with porn. And rather than acknowledge what they've done to themselves, they'd rather live in denial while telling themselves they must have some sort of "identity."

To convince people they have this "identity," they lurk and spy, study feminine women's mannerisms to copy them, and read the things that actual minorities say online, and then they copy us verbatim to convince themselves (not just everyone else) that they really are this poor widdle minority who is in danger constantly, etc.

They are basically mentally unstable, dangerous men.

Testosterone causes sexualized feelings that makes you end up with a fetish. Okay, cool. So what are we supposed to make of trans women who have high levels of testosterone in their systems? When they go into the locker room and all that T starts giving them euphoria boners, are women supposed to just…not care about this? Are we supposed to pretend that this isn’t a fetish when all of y’all are admitting that this exactly what this is? Like, WTF?

That he actually thinks "transitioning" makes the "fetish feelings" stop is insane. If that were true, then why are so many "transwomen" with bottom surgery still harassing the shit out of lesbians?

I've never observed a TIM who transitioned and suddenly decided that lesbians were people and that our sexuality should be respected. Instead, they just continue in the same male mode, demanding sex from women who aren't attracted to them and calling us bigots and killing us when we say no.



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