Some incels #sexist

Re: JFL when you look to rent a place but half of them want girls only 🤡 🌎


Just a reminder that men built society, men fought wars for society and men invented society, but the only people that get to properly enjoy it are women and the elite (0.00001%). If there’s WW3 you’ll get to be traumatised in horrific violence while women and the elite sit around and laugh


jfl if you think that i will ever go to any pointless wars for bankers and to protect the western "values" and women at home so they can kill babies and fuck chads, if the next war starts im going innawoods, let women fight the war, they want equality and same rights and they are experts in being cold blooded, docile servants and murderers anyways, thats why governments love them.


WW3 Will be fought AGAINST women a f the elite.


But women make shitty tenants

That's the worst part. My dad owns like 50-60 rental properties in a small cheaper city in Ontario. I help him manage the rent and properties. Bar known, single women are the worst tenants. They also complain about every little thing and make a mess. The cleanest tenants are actually single men. It's pretty odd to me that owners usually prefer females. As if it were up to me I would never rent to women.



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