Menno Mafait #fundie #crackpot

Using fundamental science, I gained knowledge and experience that no one else has:

• I have defined intelligence in a natural way (;
• I have discovered a logical relationship between natural intelligence and natural language (;
• I am implementing these laws of intelligence in software, which is published as open source (;
• And I defy anyone to beat the simplest results of my CNL reasoner ( in a generic way: from natural language, through algorithms, to natural language.

The Laws of Intelligence embedded in Grammar are demonstrated by:

• Programming in natural language (;
• Reasoning in natural language (
• drawing conclusions (more advanced than scientific solutions),
• making assumptions (with self-adjusting level of uncertainty),
• asking questions (about gaps in the knowledge),
• detecting conflicts and some cases of semantic ambiguity,
• displaying of justification reports for the self-generated knowledge;
• Multilingualism (, proving: Natural languages have one common origin.



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