Total Imbecile #sexist

[Serious] Had a dream that my little sister lost her virginity in October 2016

I dont recall the specifics but I remember reading "I did it in Oct 2016" in some book/journal? in my dream and I do remember feeling that that book was connected to my younger sister in some way

There were also headshots of her and some young dude

Now Im distrubed but I relaly wish there was a way to know for sure

Apparently she doesnt have a boyfriend, has never had one it seems, but everyone knows that if a girl is single it doesnt mean shes not having sex

Also shes doesnt really go out but talks to her friends over zoom/FaceTime and tbh doesnt seem like the person to do casual so I dont think she slutting around

Anyone has any ideas on how to determine her virtue? I cant ask her straight up if shes a virgin because that would be too creepy I think...



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