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RE: [RageFuel] "Convincing a member of the opposite sex to have sex with you isn't that difficult(especially in 2020)"

Normies are disgusted by "anti-incels". normies know that anyone with a life half worth living wont bother any time to pay attention to incels.

This however doesn't mean that normies don't still look down on incels. They see both incels and "anti-incels" as losers but more so the anti-incels if they are male. If they are female no normie is going to say anything. Their gynocentric bias is intact.

ITers are too retarded to understand that no one cares about them regardless of how hard they virtue signal.

Unfortunately the government cares and believes in what they say because it's easy money and good for propping up industries dedicated to surveiling unattractive involuntary loner males just because they can.

Psychopaths, BPDs, NPDs and all the people with the worst personalities imaginable have tons of sex if they happen to be foids or gl men. This ridiculous gaslighting of ugly men has to stop.

Go on purplepilldebate and see how much the world smugly looks down on ugly sexless males.

These cucks should know that they can type and send this garbage thanks to incels like Newton and Tesla.

Forget about being grateful they just act like that technology was there already or they created it.

It's a tale as old as time: unattractive harworking sexless guy works and creates, sexhavers appropriate and take the credit for themselves. LDARfuel tbh



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