Various Incels #racist

RE: Southern America is not only racist, it is xenophobic and hates slavs


I saw too much in fucking southern America. Everyone asks me where I'm from, what my accent is, and it kinda sucks because I know that Southerners hate slavs with such a passion that I never saw anywhere else. Why, Americans? What did we do to you to hate us so much? You basically hate every European with an accent, it sucks to live in hate.

You get treated that way because you're not a slav chad. Sub 8 slavs are hated everywhere. Their own women hate them, their are plenty of threads and videos on here to prove it. Slavs and Asians men have it the hardest anywhere in the world.

I doubt anybody except the blacks hate you for being Slav. Blacks hate everyone who isn’t black. Also, It’s super common to ask someone where they’re from. It means nothing.

Black people aren't racist to everyone tbh.

They’re racist to anyone they accuse of racism, usually groups they’re jelly of and so they perceive every injustice as system racism. “If it rains on a black guys birthday, it’s racism” - Jared Taylor

I doubt they’d hate Bjørn from Oslo or Heinrich from Vienna. It’s a Slav thing. Brutal slavcel moment.

you can always fuck off back to your slav shithole, no one is forcing you to stay



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