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The Prussian Society of America supports Policing from the standpoint only of acknowledging first-hand, that they are required in a Civilized Society, however the vision we have over Modern Policing are vastly different than what the common public accepts.
[...]Democratic States have almost like a Cultish love for Policing, rather than a Volkish one.
Then they go on and Lament the Volkish SS Men and Gestapo which were the only true warriors which fought against Communists!
It’s just interesting to see how deluded people are under their spell of Christian Beliefs / Values of Pacifism and being a “Do-Gooder” think that they will get anywhere with that approach.
I don’t have numbers for Canada’s Police Forces, but in America, 95% of LEOs are part of the “Brotherhood”, meaning that they belong to the Freemasons.
Western People remain woefully ignorant about who or what Communists are, and seem to have this obsession with calling everyone a “Nazi” while not realizing the sick twisted irony about their statements.
Defaming the only Men who tried to protect this world from the Communist Threat, on a level no other Nation had attempted.
There will be SO, SO much regret soon to come among all peoples who thought they were going to fight their way out of this “peacefully”, or with Kindness and Love.
Kindness and Love are just tricks and traps for fools! In a world full of more pure scum, the world needs more Hate and Intolerance, and should never be a world of more Love and Kindness!

Showing Love and Kindness to those who did not earn it, and whom have not demonstrated that they deserve it, is SINFUL and DISGRACEFUL activity that any Human Being can engage in! It is both demoralizing but also a decadent behavior of many people.

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Just the other day, I had learned some new very insightful information on people wearing masks by some Woman who works in the Medical Industry about the effects of Mask Wearing on the Brain / Body
even while Brain Cells will begin to deteriorate and die, that the exposure to up to about 20% of reduction in Oxygen intake levels will even cause the Brain to adjust to build tolerance in breathing in lower levels of oxygen over extended periods of time
This now puts things in an ENTIRELY new perspective, explaining everything you need to know about this addiction to masking, when you sit back to understand the consequences as far as why people are so eager to continue wearing their masks and find no desire to let up or revolt against the practice
There are now well over 2 Billion Masks discarded into World Oceans since the start of the COVID Cult, not to mention all the other Hospital Equipment, all of it which is highly contaminated with Estrogenic properties
[Some rambling on environment and how Germany is not "the most Forward-Thinking Nation in the world [...] since 1945"]
Today, in my vicinity I had to stop at the Local Supermarket, and even just outdoors, everyone is wearing their Masks again just like back in April/May 2020
God Forbid, if I were living somewhere in Europe right now, even if there was a Law or Mandate, I would still not be wearing masks, even if it meant my death over it. I am beyond tired of this nonsense
If you can’t even be bothered to carry out the most minimal of resistance methods in this fight, like even to go about Slamming the Doors behind you in people’s face trying to Enter a store with their masks on at public establishments, or to tell some nasty cunt who is wearing her mask how ugly she is and how her face looks like a guy’s crotch, you are absolutely pathetic and worthless in this fight!
There is No “Happy New Year” at this point, and it would be foolish and disingenuous for me to say it, even out of cordiality or tradition

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Then, beginning in the 1960s, women in increasing numbers decided they wanted the life of a man. This was feminism, an absurd notion that men and women were interchangeable. From being helpmeets, women became men’s competitors. Men found themselves working for women, taking orders from women (in the military!), and being accused by any woman they displeased of “sexual harassment”. Worse, as women attempted to become men, women’s duties went undone. Children were raised (badly) in daycare instead of in a home, meals went uncooked, houses unkept, clothes unwashed. No-fault divorce turned marriage from a mutual benefit to a scheme for stripping a man of half his assets. In movies and on television, petite, lovely women were regularly beating up big men.
It was all flight from reality, and, for women, a journey to extinction. As sex selection became the norm, people, including many women, selected more and more males. […]
The feminists howled, of course, but they could not stop a train they had set in motion. Bots replaced them not just for sex but for all the work women would no longer do. Once again, men came home to clean houses, great meals, ironed shirts, and well-mannered sons. What men had traditionally regarded as “girls’ stuff” was now “bots’ stuff”, at a lower price and with no headaches.
And so, like the Cheshire Cat, women slowly disappeared, leaving only the grin on the face of a bot. The last woman’s passing was certain to come (her name seems to have been Mabel, but everyone called her ByEve). It’s a man’s world now, where the fountains run with beer, endless free pizza is a birthright, and you can pee anywhere. Do we miss them? Nah.

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Only two cultures have been successful over time, i.e., for thousands of years: Chinese (Han) culture and Western culture. These are the products of East Asians and whites. Civilization first arose around five thousand years ago among these two peoples.
Other places and peoples have produced splendid civilizations: the Maya, the Khmer, the peoples of India, etc. But all rose, peaked, declined, and never rose again. They followed a bell-shaped curve they could not escape.
When the cultural Marxists throw their boogeyman words at us, our response, after we have stopped laughing, should be to do what I have done here: respond with facts and reason. Nothing scares them more. In fact, they denounce facts and reason as “white”. To that, our answer should be, “Thanks for the compliment.” Reason and logic are one of whites’ great contributions to civilization, among many others, including classical architecture and classical music, both of which are now found all over the world because of their superiority to all others.
History says that white supremacy means a society that is constantly striving in every field to reach greater heights, to the benefit of everyone, including all other races and peoples. Just look at how Africa and Asia have profited from modern medicine, overwhelmingly a product of whites. Thanks to the uniquely white concept of noblesse oblige, supremacy does not mean oppressing others but raising them up, serving them and giving them the blessings of peace, order, and commerce. After all, most whites worship a God who said, “I came not to be served but to serve.” Don’t expect to hear that from Quetzalcoatl any time soon.