Juan Abier and Taylor King #conspiracy youtube.com

(Note: There are many more batshit-crazy conspiracy comments on this video, these are just two of them)
(On a video about Sir Richard Owens)

Juan Abier: Looks like a snake-oil salesman to me.
So for thousand of years, people were digging, everywhere, and they never even found a tooth.
And all of a sudden a couple of years after numb-nuts Owen made-up the word dinosaur we seem to be tripping over them.

Taylor King: Exactly. You ever wonder why construction sites never find bones? Even the museums have admitted that the bones they show you aren't real because the REAL ones apparently still have radiation on them from 66 million years ago. So if you live on top of or around undiscovered dinosaur bones the radiation magically doesn't affect you... until you dig them up haha. According to the official story an entire skeleton has not been found and only 12 supposed specimens have been found.



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