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This is the Jacob Harrison Anglo Catholic Society, a religious sect of Anglo Catholics that adheres to the beliefs of it’s founder Jacob Harrison. Anglo Catholicism is the belief adhered by many Anglicans who empasize the Church’s Catholic heritage and has high church rituals. However the Jacob Jarrison Anglo Catholic Society is at odds with most Anglo Catholics in that it is an Old Catholic Society, the Catholics who has the exact same Roman Catholic beliefs and practices, uses the translations from the Latin Vulgate Bible, but reject the dogma of Supreme Papal Authority and Papal Infalibility.

It is Anglo Catholic because Jacob Harrison is American. Because of America’s Anglo Saxon cultural heritage, the Jacob Harrison Anglo Catholic Society also looks highly on Merry Old England, the cultural predesessor to the United States and it’s monarchs. It sees Henry VI of England as England’s last legitimate King because it sees the Lancasterian side as the legitimate side of the Wars of the Roses, and because Henry VII Tudor who defeated Richard IIII got his throne by conquest and not by being in the patrilineal line of succession from John Beaufort. Henry Somerset the 12th Duke of Beaufort should be England’s rightful King. The society adheres to the pre reformation Catholic faith of Merry Old England.

The reason why this society is because the Catholic Church canonized Joan of Arc as a Saint even though England was on the legitimate side of the Hundred Years War as the English claims to the French throne were more legitimate. The Popes also violated England’s national soveriegnty during the English Investiture controversy under King Henry I, as well as during the Becket Contreversey.

Important articles on the doctrine of the Jacob Harrison Anglo Catholic Society will be posted on this site.



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