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See another ungrateful Indian. Read how she did everything to stay in the US because she did not want to be raped in India, and at the end of the article, she then pulls the race card saying she is concerned for POCs and LGBTQ-alphabet people.

Sorry. I can't stand to look at it. Dot Indians act like they are Native Americans when they are not delusional enough to claim to be white. They are NEITHER. They should not be allowed to set one foot on this continent. Same goes for the Somalis and the Muslims. For this outrage and nation wrecking, Whites are not the only ones to blame: Blacks descendants of slaves) and Chicanos (Latinos with roots in the former Mexican Northwest now the American Southwest, the ones with no Negro genes) are ALSO to blame. I have heard a few of them complaining about the invaders getting everything for free while they have to work and pay taxes or even losing their jobs to the invaders but the truth is that most of them are as brainwashed as most Whites and they are also unable to get their people to unite to defend this nation. The truth of this article ticks me off so much that I am not about to let them off the hook either. They are well aware that they too are failing to defend this nation. I have never been to Hawaii but if this is going on in Hawaii as well I blame the Native Hawaiians too.

Mathematics: Isaac Newton, Gottfried Leibniz, Leonhard Euler. I have barely scratched the surface.

You mentioned that whites discovered and populated Australia, plus New Zealand. There is a spot in southern New Zealand that is precisely opposite London, England on the earth. What does it say about the races that the orientals - all of the oriental peoples - were situated far far closer to Australia and New Zealand than Germanic Europe is, and yet they never went to either place and settled it - instead that was done by northwestern Europeans from as far away as one could be. Ditto the Indians and (laughably) the negroes of eastern Africa. Our race has displayed a dynamism that towers above all other races. The greatest possible curse is miscegenation that dilutes away the marvelous traits that made what our race has accomplished possible.

The races most emphatically are not equal.

Agree. That is why I will say it again for all those who have no problem with legal immigration and want them to learn to speak English. The more English that they learn the more entitled they become. Once they speak English, they think that they are entitled to everything including white mates. Integration Equals Miscegenation.



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