unsettling #sexist incels.co

(NOTE: This is in reaction to this person’s comments.)

those comments were very clearly written by a roastie.

women have no right to criticize men based on their social failures considering that they don't compete in hierarchies in the way that men do, modern society deems all toilets valuable and in turn fools them into thinking that they are outstandingly competent and overcoming obstacles comes to them with ease. when in reality they just receive less harsh treatment for the mistakes they make, and are given more attention for less significant achievements.

foids have no general understanding of accomplishment, as proven by the false comparison of how fat people and social outcasts are similar to one another: losing weight is a linear task, and getting fat in the first place is a result of complete negligence. social status is largely inherited and environmental, luck is too much of a factor and a lot of it depends on you acting within the confines of which you are deemed allowed to behave in i.e. knowing your place. it comes to me as no surprise that she thinks of these two as similar in this context, due to the amount of leeway women are given in social situations they practically are the same, for a female to succeed socially she literally just has to socialize.



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