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RE: Study finds that Democratic-appointed judges sentence men less harshly than Republican-appointed judges

hopefully this will blunt the trump favoring on this sub. republicans talk big game on men’s rights. actions? little to show for

Dems are soft on crime in general. And?

If that were true, why are violent crime rates actually higher in red states? Mississippi for instance has one of the highest homicide rates in America. That kinda tells you that so-called "tough on crime" policies don't work and only enable it. They also disproportionately target low income white men and men of color, which is something MRAs should be deeply concerned about because the feminists sure aren't despite what they claim.

As Tim pool has taken to pointing out, red states have blue cities.

As an MRA I want women to be sentenced like men, and men to be convicted like women. Once convicted PROPERLY (not through the guilty by feelings crap jurors are doing lately) I'm a supporter of tough sentences. It's totally consistent to stand on both "prosecution bears the burden of proof" and "tough on crime" positions



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