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Venting My best friend is a WHORE!!

I used to think that’s some women at the very least were decent in regard to their sex lives and would only sleep with someone if they were in a relationship. Guess I was wrong. She went from a committed relationship to sleeping with every second guy who comes her way. Now I can’t look at her without thinking how much of a slut she is

> Best friend
> She
Bro I ...

I know but I was bluepilled until very recently. Now I’m blackpilled I realise what she is.

(Ping And Pong)
I don't get how guys can be best friends with a foid without being faggots.

>Best friend

Ask her to sleep with you. If she is a true friend then she won't say no.

Being best friends with a woman as an incel? Do you like suffering and pain?

I was also friends with women before. They slept with every Tinder Chad but said no when I begged them to sleep with me too. Real friends would have said yes, especially when I told them I'm forever alone and desperate.

Every second of friendship with such girl makes you more cuck

OP, why don't you just chop your dick off, put it in a meat grinder, then feed it to her dog. It's less a less painful experience than this cucked shit.


OP and @RREEEEEEEEE have something in common. @RREEEEEEEEE is friends with multiple foids.

I used to be. I purposely avoid making friends since I already cut off most of mine.



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