Mayocide_Mozart & TotalBasturd #sexist

Re: Comments on scene where Secretary gets groped and spanked by Chad professor without consent in the workplace



Women make me sick. They want to criminalize the romantic and sexual desires of unattractive men while simultaneously craving nothing more than being dominated by a high-status Chad. And they are ALL like that. They have no individuality, not variability, they are ALL sexually submissive, socially hypergamous, culturally hypocritical. Maybe we should really replace them with robots one day.


There is a reason why only guys that look like Harvey Weinstein get MeToo'ed. Chad boss will never get that treatment even if he is a sexual predator

Paul Walker or Elvis had sex with minors and nobody gives a fuck because they were hot. The women want to be with them and the men want to be like them, and the fact that they're sexual predators doesn't have any impact on people.



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