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Serious Destroying females ability to pair bond is part of the agenda. This is done by elites so they can access high tier stacies

if we think about it, who benefits from female being unable to pair bond? It’s not the normies (Foid would monkeybranch to chad), it’s not chad (Foid would monkey branch to a bigger chad) and it’s not females since they just turn into old wrinkly cat ladies.

The real winner are rich elite men on top, by pushing the agenda of promiscuity. They are taking away foids ability to pair bond so they can add these foids to their giga harem of hot stacies.

A foid that is able to pair bond would pick chad over some rich sugar daddy, but once their ability to pair bond is destroyed they will end doing stupid shit like making only fans, getting into porn, looking for sugar daddy and etc. This only benefits the elites since a Stacy that can’t pair bond is much more likely to fuck the elites for his money.

Non Stacy foids are just the casualties of this system since they will never end up with a chad or a rich elite sugar daddy.

This is the age of money where rich billionair men are getting more action than chad.



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