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RE: Help! My Daughter Is Marrying a White Man Against My Wishes.

(Son of the 1st Revolution)

The mother could be a columnist for AMREN.

If you look at the original article, Jenée Desmond-Harris is the columnist and she is very black. She's unintentionally hilarious telling the concerned father "My advice boils down to this: Stay in your lane. And the name of the lane is: Absentee father."

And perhaps more tellingly, "A lot of people would say one of the problems here is that you care about her fiancé’s race at all. But I don’t agree. I can see a Black father who is close to his daughter reasonably saying,
'Oh wow, he’s white? Just checking, how does he feel about raising Black children?' In that sense, I don’t think it’s totally inappropriate to express concern. But it’s a weird thing to do if you haven’t shown the same kind of care about other issues in your daughter’s life."

So the stereotype about the absentee black father holds true. Also, the columnist acknowledges the recessiveness of white genes. How does the planned husband feel about raising black kids? He's throwing his genes away. None of his kids will look anything like him.

(Rebel Rebel)
I used to live in a military town where WM/BF couples were very common.

Being curious by nature, I asked a couple of the military men what made them marry Black women. A number of them told me that they had grown up in towns with very few, if any Black people. Others told me that they were put off by the phoniness and over feminist attitudes of White women. Other stated that they were attracted tot he confidence and vibrancy of Black women. A few told me Black women were more sexually adventurous "you know." I didn't say anything to such comment, but I was tempted to say "no I don not know what you mean." However, it does show that younger White men tend to be sex obsessed. Anyway, just look at Price Harry and Meghan Markle. Prince Harry has long been known to be a sexual abnormal man.



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