PersonaDickcel #sexist

i never will undestand feminism

marriage, chivalry, dignity, monogamy,family is = machism, toxic masculinity, opression

be an slut (chad food), prostitute, porn actress, instragram model = equality, non-toxic, healthy

being used and abandoned like a trash by a chad sounds much more opression to me to be a good gf and wife, date and marry a good guy who loves you and give a good life.

if they really wants be loved like a person, they must be in our side, we are good guys who are dispost to work hard, change ourselves, make money and build a empire for them, in a condition to simply love us like a person.

but we're the toxic side?

Feminism is really quite simple. Women want more power, and simps gave it to them.

they speak they hate chads, hate stupid guys, they speak they need be treated like a person.

i hate chads, i hate popular guys, i hate man who treat woman like a object

but it these guys they date, the same women who speak who don't like stupid and tirannic men date with them.

and we, good and monogamic guys are treated like a shit.

so paradoxal

Feminism is very simple, it's a license to ride chads' dicks seamlessly without any consequence and extermination of ugly men.

Show me one country that does not allow women to get education, study and vote. But still those roasties complain about "rights".

If you look closely to their actions and motives, everything boils down to complete dissolution of family so that they can ride chads' dick.

then they can't speak they are fighting against "machism and toxic men", being a chad food is so more opression than be a good wife,gf, and be loved for a good guy

isn't thats they fighting for? against objetification of women, against pornography, against toxic masculinity (chads)?

they do exactly the opposite



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