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RE: [Discussion] Being fascinated by primitive body modification

you love primitive ooga boogas in Rwanda getting their bottom lips turned into stone discs dude I’m done. if you’re black or have ancestry from there it makes sense but if you’re anything else there is a mental illness problem with you


Stretching my cock through a stone tube with a nail in the middle doesn’t really scream “elegance” to me bro.

not all cultures are the same. Some are primitive retarded chimp cultures. Drinking cow piss and rubbing cow shit on yourself for Vishnu, putting a stone circle through your cheek, most modern feminist neoprogressive “‘Melting pot’ cultures”, etc. are all just shit.

Except the melting pot culture is the western culture. I'm precisely talking about societies that have been preserved by our way of life. Neo progressism is a materialistic void that steals from traditionnal cultures all over the world.

No that’s globalist Jewish culture. Western culture hasn’t been the main culture since the 1940’s. Your societies that you talk about are just shitholes. They didn’t do anything ever, their culture is shitting in a hut and getting stone tablets put in their skull.



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