Preston87 #crackpot

[Blackpill] Black Pilled facts...

If you're short, it's over.
If you still live with your parents, it's over.
If you're ugly, it's over.
If you're broke,it's over.
If you're unemployed, it's over.
If your dick is small, it's over.
If you're autistic, it's over.
If you're bald, it's over.
If you're too skinny or big it's over.
If all you play is video games, it's over.
If you don't drive or have your license,it's over.
If you have a weak jaw, it's over.
If your head is badly shaped, it's over.

If you suffer from any of these or all together, then accept that you're a failure and probably shouldn't have been born...



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