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RE: Serious If someone admits to having kissed a woman and/or other minor experiences with women, should this warrant a permaban? [Poll]


It's the 'ol, "whoops, I slipped and my cock fell inside her."

"Im totally an incel just like you guys!" Makes you wonder why these retards waste their time here

WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THESE RESULTS? Make this fucking vote publicly visible. We need to see who the fakecels and cucks are. For all we know fakecels are letting their cliques know to create fresh accounts to vote. So that's it then? We're going to open the floodgates and formally welcome the fakecels in? The slippery slope I was worried about back in August/September is actually happening. Unbelievable. Who's next in line to join the forum? The slayer chads? Then who? The homosexuals and the women? Please, just shoot and kill this fucking forum already. Don't let it die from cancer.

Also there's a week on this vote so the results can still swing. If you know people who'd care about this tell them to vote on it.

This is the problem I'm talking about. We don't know who's voting and who their friends are who are voting. There could be a bunch of fresh accounts trying to swing the vote. The forum will then slowly inch towards something it would never approach in one leap.

Notice how he ignored what you said about us not knowing who's voting. Holding a public poll on this site that has fakecels nested inside of it is a retarded idea. Again, is this an oversight? Or am I as smart as Albert fucking Einstein to realize this



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