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Why in the world do you call yourself a Christian if:

* You think the Bible is man-made, and not inspired by God
* You think evolution is true and Genesis is just a fairy tale
* You think something is only sinful if it hurts someone, and not if it's against God's law
* You think God is totally supportive of homosexuality
* You think God is totally supportive of other religions
* You think Hell is a ridiculous myth
* You think miracles are as real as invisible pink unicorns
* You think God just wants us to accept whatever lifestyles exist, even if they are incredibly sinful
* You think God loves pride parades
* You think God wants people to be homosexual
* You think it doesn't matter what anyone believes, because everyone's going to Heaven anyway
* You think God doesn't care how you live, as long as you say "I believe in God"
* You think God hates judging
* You think God loves tolerance for sin
* You think that when God returns to Earth to rule and reign, He's going to set up a democratic government, and that everyone will have a right sin as they please
* You think only a horribly evil God would ever punish people for breaking His law
* You think Jesus supports getting drunk
* You think pornography is totally fine
* You think prostitution should be legalized
* You think getting high is totally fine
* You think the Bible is outdated and bigoted, and should be ignored, except for John 3:16, and the very first part of Matthew 7, of course
* You think God doesn't hate anyone, ever
* You think Jesus died so that you could sin even more
* You think the most important thing is to be true to yourself, and be proud of who you are
* You think self esteem is more important than the fear of the Lord
* You think Jesus hates religion

Seriously...just, stop.
Just admit you're not a Christian already, would you?
Or rather, just admit that you hate God, you hate His word, and you hate Christianity.
Just admit it, and stop lying to everyone.



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