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Here we have Sabrina Belcher

(A horrible edit of a mug shot)

She's a mayoral candidate for the city of Sumter. Err ... was a mayoral candidate. She's been fined $10,000 and landed some jail time.

You see, she was basically livestreaming her campaign while outside and got mugged. So the police and ambulance responded and all that jazz ... then police investigated and uncovered that she had worked with her assailants to stage the whole thing in an effort to gain publicity/sympathy/votes.

So that penalty was for pissing away tax payer resources and screwing with the medical emergency responders, a charge she's plead guilty to. Her buddies have also been charged with conspiracy.

Not kidding, she staged some violence, lied about it, and was caught. This sort of shit happens. In case you forgot, there was that 2bit deadend rapper who screwed up an attempt to make it look like he was mugged by MAGA. ... unfortunately there's a metric shit ton of children crying wolf nowadays. Seems like goldfish brains don't want to remember that.

The only thing that's a joke about this article is the hasty photo edit of her.

She's actually uglier IRL.



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