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Companies should strive to be "all inclusive" because not everyone is worth including.

I mean, do you really want to compromise your product to accommodate that 1-in-100 idiot who still walks around wearing a mask? It's been 3 years, and those morons still haven't figured out they don't work; instead, they abide by their surrogate religion.


No, it isn't worth including them. You compromise the core too much to reach that final 5%. Let them rot.

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If Chinese farmers begin to revolt (as counter measures indicate the CCP is afraid of happening...)


You can expect progressive leaning leaders and sheep minded libs to rush to the CCP's defense.

The notion that "brutal simple minded people" don't recognize that upstanding city folk benefit everyone is an idea that must not be allowed to propagate


Ya know, since people might realize that welfare leeches, self obsessed artists, and career politicians provide zero benefit to society

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Remember: feminist writers kill off "toxic male" heroes and attempt to replace them with Mary Sue protags (heman, terminator, 1st draft indy 5)


Just like how they wish they could murder men in real life. Or how they destroy the careers of male rivals and usurp their positions.


Because damn those evil men.


Totally trustworthy those women are

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It is important to fight against cultural appropriation. If non-minorities act like minorities, it will be harder to tell them apart.

Ensure that all races act exactly in the way that their race is predestined to act; least society fall apart... so is implied by liberal propaganda without expressly saying so.

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So Marvel's animated series 'What If...?' has aired on Disney+. If you don't know what that is, they basically take the characters you know and love and switch their roles around. I know the comics were supposed to be good, but frankly, I think it's kind of a dumb idea (but not the dumbest Marvel has shat out). I certainly don't intend to watch this show since I could make much better use of my time than watching Peggy Carter be Captain Marvel Version 1.20. So in the tradition of the 'What If...?' character swap thing, someone decided to draw what if Black Panther was white? Probably if T'Challa's brother from the comics, Hunter/White Wolf (or maybe a white South-African) assumed the mantle.

You see where this is going, right? Needless to say, the savage, primative race of Twitards was not to happy to discover this, even suggesting that the artist be arrested.

This is an incredible double standard. Hollywood has been blackwashing red-haired characters for years, and the barbarians on Tumblr race swap characters all the time, and somehow that's not racist--but if someone complains about it then they're the racist. At the same time you can't race-swap a black, Asian, or Latin character as white because that's racist?

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In my experience, accusations of mental illness are the immediate liberal's response to someone disagreeing with them.

The level of Arrogance required to think "the only way someone could not see that in right is if they're mentally ill" is horrific.

It also runs contrary to the "pro-mental health" mantra of modern liberals: i.e. "that man is angry that our policies gave caused a recession, he needs to seek mental health." ... until you look at it cynically and realize that the modern liberal views the mentally ill as pawns to be manipulated...

Just like how they view all humans to be minerals waiting to be harvested.

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With the crime rate at a record level high here in Houston, most of the egregious violent crimes all have one thing in common. There were committed by a criminal who was out on bail after multiple incidents. A repeat offender of the worst kind.

So why does this keep happening? Why do career felon's with lengthy rap-sheets continue to be set free to commit more crimes?

The short answer, is liberal judges, working in partnership with liberal D.A.'s.

"It is the responsibility of the judges to set a reasonable bail, to make sure that accused individuals come back to court" said former judge Ted Poe, "They're not doing that, and they're letting them out on multiple bonds, and that is why the crime rate in Houston is skyrocketing."

The judge would certainly know. Another issue he says, "Some of these judges have a philosophy that is not the law, that they just want to let people go" he said, "Don't put anybody in jail awaiting trial, give everybody a free ride, let them out of jail free without bail, they don't come back and the public suffers."

Another real problem is the back log of criminal cases. So many people are waiting in jail, so the judges take the easy route by letting them out. "That's ridiculous" judge Poe told KTRH, "The public suffers for that because more crime is committed."

Plus, there is the Democrats version of 'public opinion', which is that jail is somehow racist, while completely overlooking the crimes that are committed, or the history of the criminals.

Sadly, many of these liberal judges go along with this. "They're following their own personal, social opinion" judge Poe said, "They don't care."

Thankfully, Republican lawmakers in Texas do care. Last month Governor Greg Abbott signed bail reform legislation into law that requires defendants accused of violent crimes to pay cash to get out of jail.

The new law was delayed because the Texas Democrats fled to Washington.

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The inherent "doomed to fail" nature of political correctness can be seen in itself.

Every few years the PC police change the name (social justice, woke, etc) because soon enough everyone else realizes these PC assholes are greedy power hungry cunts and the name gets a bad rep ... so these libs have to constantly rebrand themselves to avoid negative connotations


Just like how they constantly change what terms are "correct" to say at a given time.

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the woke mob and modern liberals believe only gays can play gays, only blacks can play blacks, etc

ya know ...



SAME THING, REALLY. now watch me get reported by bedshitters who live in their parents basement and couldn't do a pushup to save their own life because they're such sad fat fucks

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given that libs is the "lazy party" (i.e. "I can help everyone by literally doing nothing and sheltering in my house? SIGN ME UP! WHERE CAN I BERATE OTHERS FOR STEPPING OUTSIDE?") ...

it's no wonder that "strong female leads" written by feminists are basically drag versions of "asshole male lead".
They can't figure out how to write their own likeable character, so they gender swap and call it a victory for womanhood.
actually, that explains a lot about feminists...

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First off, don't take it out on the baby. It didn't force the rape. Carry the baby till birth, give it up for adoption and be done with it. At the same time, chop the artist's genitals of with a rusty cleaver, send him to jail and let him get death raped. You want to prevent rape? Make extremely harsh punishments and focus a little more on mental diagnoses.

Second off, that's not what these crazy bitches are advocating for. They want to sleep around like sluts and abort the baby because it's an inconvenience to them. The rape scenario is only brought up as a way to win an argument.

Third, I'm clearly more saner than either of you.

So, fourth: fuck you.

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Unsurprisingly, DA deleted the journal where I showed one of the threatening comments I got for being happy that the left can no longer murder children. Copy/pasted from a message I received from DA staff, with emphasis added: "A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning this deviation and has found that the work has no greater purpose other than as a personal attack against another deviant."

So... Evidently you can threaten the life of a conservative and that's fine, but the conservative better not screenshot it and show it to anyone or that's "attacking."

Sometimes I think I should thank the entire left for giving us no shortage of nonsense to laugh at. 😂 Y'all are wild.

To be fair, it looks like DA's policies actually did change at some point to prohibit posting screenshots of other users' posts in a journal, even if you blur out their screen name and profile picture so they can't be identified, which I did. I've been on this site for more than 10 years and that rule didn't used to exist. This is quite a step forward for DeviantArt, since they usually just make up Christophobic and anti-conservative rules as they go without ever posting them. Good job DA, you did something (kind of) right! :clap:


*coughITwasJUSTaCLUMPofWORDScough* 😉 😘

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‘Social Justice’ sounds harmless
For those of us over 40 years of age, the term ‘Social Justice’ is a new term that sounds harmless. But those under the age of 40 have been taught all their lives that ‘Social Justice’ is a movement to “develop and support socially just, equitable and sustainable practices.” Who could possibly be against that?

Without years of indoctrination, it’s easy to presume that ‘Social Justice’ preserves justice for wrongdoing. But in fact, ’Social Justice’ justifies all forms of wrongdoing by the oppressed. Adding to that mindset is CRT, the Critical Race Theory, that identifies all of us as either being the oppressed or the oppressor. If you’re not a victim, you’re an oppressor, taking advantage of others for personal gain.

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Old School Republican
This is not a secret police

Roll Roons
DeSantis derangement syndrome is really a thing.

Southern Delegate Punxsutawney Phil
To be expected when the media engages in slimy tactics to try to trash him, because of his refusal to do the sort of covid policies that most Democrats are doing.
Tbh, he's one of the most Nixonian personalities the GOP has had in a long, long time.

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The purpose of propaganda isn't to convince but to demoralize.

"Mostly peaceful protests during the summer of love."

"Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist who crossed state lines with a weapon of mass destruction"

"Jacob Blake just wanted to break up a fight between two women, and was shot three times in the back and killed by racist cops."

The bigger and more obvious the lie, the better. It's not about making you believe it, it's about getting the point across, that the truth doesn't matter and you're powerless. At the same time, pay attention to what they sneak into the coverage.

"White people carrying guns to defend their property, just like they did during the civil war." - this is straight up communist propaganda.

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I am trying not to get too political over here, but I feel the need to share this statement on all of my social media.

Proof of widespread Racism in America, BLM and ANTIFA murder over 30 Blacks in the Summer of 2020, no one is charged. One biracial good Samaritan defends himself against 3 white assailants, the assailants are hailed as hero's while the biracial Samaritan is defamed as a murderer & a "White Supremacist" (despite being half Hispanic). A Pedophile, & Wife Beater are both more valuable than 5 children, and a retired police officer who was considered a pillar of his community. just 6 deaths among many. Why? Because the former where white leftists and the latter, where just a statistic. This is the true story of Kyle Rittenhouse, this is the story the legacy media wont tell you & mainstream Tech has memory holed as hard as it can. The verdict today was Justice, there was a time in our history where a Biracial youth would have been lynched for doing what Kyle did, but today his and every American's right to self defense was upheld in a court of law. That means everyone's regardless of Race, Creed, Sex, or Sexuality.

For those who read this, understand that this was justice, and anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to keep us running scared from Vandals, Thieves, Murderers, & Rapists.

As for Kyle, let the young man alone, he has been thru enough. This trial was a sham that never should have taken place, as the case was open and shut self defense from the word go. It was only pushed because his assailants where leftist shock troopers. He deserves to live his life, hopefully significantly richer from the defamation law suits he has every right to press against almost every legacy media outlet and personality in the states. Hopefully he can even live out his dream of working as a firefighter (which is where he got his First Aid Training from).

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These idiots are pathetic they seek one thing our submission and they will not get it, they have nothing to talk about because they are failures at all things. Ihan Omar is ugly trash that only represents destruction and this woman should have never apologized! In all Children are dead in Wisconsin because of Democrats in all the DNC should be arrested for Treason. Watch Ihan Omar cower and hide from this woman because she is a coward.

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Twitter has sent me a notification explaining why my account has been suspended. No strikes, no "delete this".

As you can see from the photo, the suspension is supposedly justified by a tweet of mine, pointing out that snitches often got executed in Communist regimes.

Twitter's assumption is easy to deduce: according to Twitter, I presumably support or desire people getting shot. This is the worst possible (and obviously false) interpretation of my message.

My tweet is a mere historical reminder that in Communism, the useful idiots are the first to be executed. The Twitter computer system, I assume, takes it to mean that I — merely the messenger here — am the hateful one.

Maybe we are living in fully-automated luxury gay schizophrenia.

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White Nationalists like myself have found alternatives that I cannot openly speak about. all I can say is that there are Millions enjoying anonymity Sharing Files encryption end to end and web 2.0 is in development, 5 ish Years so the people say.

Education based infrastructure, get paid to be good. White controlled.
The reason Youtube is deplatforming is because Whites are using adblockers adNausium and a derivative of Bluelight that clicks on random advertisements While You Sleep.
They are being deplatformed because they have no money.
I Spit Fire.

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Anybody who's caught the satire that appears from time to time in Syndicate Wars stuff, can probably guess that I am not the biggest fan of government or police. Violent enforcement against nonviolent, non-contractual behavior (the overwhelming majority of police action) is aggression—it is assault and kidnapping—and I oppose it outright.

But how can anyone go into public with the stated and/or executed intent to...

- destroy property;

- steal property;

- prevent people from moving freely;

- attack people for wrongthink;

- murder people (usually black people, and in far greater numbers than American police have ever committed);

- set fires (sometimes to buildings with people inside);

- topple historical landmarks;

- trash neighborhoods in ways that disproportionately affect minorities and the poor;

- and overthrow a constitutional republic...

...and then act surprised and indignant when they get their infantile asses thrown in jail?

Clown World.

This isn't #fascism, and #BlackLivesMatter (the organization) and #Antifa aren't fighting fascism. They are in fact, and ironically, fascistic themselves.

What this is, is cause and effect, the consequences of bad behavior.

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(Image depicts the Statue of Liberty crying over a worn out, burnt US Flag)

Burning an American Flag should be a felony. The United States of America deserves a Patriot Month in July. They have their Black History Month and Pride Month. WHERE IS OUR PATRIOT MONTH?!?

When did Americans began to hate everything America stood for? If you are a Marxist and hate America and everything it stands for, then move to North Korea, China, Russia, or anything third-world country you please and let's see if you can make it through the leaders' dictatorship.

Ever wonder why immigrants move to America? To escape FROM Communism, Socialism, and Fascism!

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The Strong Man Populist coming soon will not have that weakness. He will not hesitate to use his power to clean house, to prosecute the criminals, to defeat our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Some Republicans will recoil in horror at the idea of us actually winning. “We can’t abandon our fundamental norms,” they will fret, and that’s literally true. We can’t abandon our fundamental norms because the establishment these shills flack for already abandoned our fundamental norms over the last five years. Zombie norms will not restrain the Strong Man Populist.

He will unleash the power of “No.”

No, hobos, you can’t live on our streets.

No, criminals, you don’t get to commit crimes.

No, Pentagon, you are going to focus on winning wars.

No, academia, you do not get to take our money and use it to turn our kids into little commie saps.

No, tech jerks, you do not get to decide what we can read and say.

No, climate cultists, we are not going to live in caves because of your bizarre, quasi-religious weather obsession.

No, media, you do not get to be partisan advocates and also treated like neutral truth tellers.

No, Democrats, you don’t get to steal elections.


“No” is the weapon of the Strong Man Populist; it is our weapon. It is a rejection of elite hegemony, and the ruthless use of power to enforce it. And it is coming.

The establishment should have heeded the warning that was Donald Trump. But if it was smart enough to do that, it never would have botched its cultural curation so spectacularly that it made him necessary.

The best part of the coming Strong Man Populism will be watching them cry.

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I don't care how beautiful one person's body may be in the nude, it's not something that is always going to interest me. To those of you who consider yourselves as professional cosplayers, YOU should know in this journal that your cosplaying photos are worth TEN TIMES more than your worthless nude pictures. As harsh as this may sound, don't flatter yourself. I'm just being honest and direct with how I feel about all this.

Really, if you're someone who is wanting to create content of your own, you're much better off doing it in places like Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and even Instagram. STAY OUT of OnlyFans! It's the most shittiest website I've ever heard of, and I hope my so-called crush can learn from this too. Honestly, it's already enough for me to work hard and manage my own health.

Wear a fucking costume PLEASE if you really want to show yourself off to the public. There are much better ways to show off your own body if you love yourself so much for it, but to make yourself look like a porn star is NOT it! Wear some clothes that can attract others without being too explicit too.

I'm sorry if my journal on this matter seems rather blunt or come off as rude, but things just had to be said. It's NOT hard to dress nicely to attract others either.

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If "cultural appropriation" is so wrong, then that means I also cannot appropriate the concept of "cultural appropriation" from the SJW culture, since the SJW culture is a different and foreign culture from mine. So that means it's wrong for me to believe that cultural appropriation is wrong, since that's part of the SJW culture, and therefore cultural appropriation is okay for anyone who is not a SJW.

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Everytime I see BLM or someone mention "white privilege" all I can think of is...

What privilege?

The privilege of being able to be open targets of racism and discrimination because society believes you can't do such to them?

The privilege of being sent to die by the thousands or millions in the Civil War and other wars usually against their will and being seen as easily disposable and replaceable immediately afterwards?

The privilege of having any negative encounter with a person of color be defaulted to "obviously because the white guy is a racist".

The privilege of being generalized as all racist by black support groups like BLM, but only when its the other way does it suddenly become an issue?

The privilege of being banned from speaking at an "anti racism" event in a university because they're white which barely got any uproar when the other way would probably bring riots?

The privilege of *not* having the world riot in protest when even just *one* of us is a victim of police brutality.

The privilege of being attacked by PC culture for wearing dreadlocks or having hair in a bun?

The privilege of being pulled over by a cop and being told "Oh sorry sir, I didn't know you were white, carry on"....which *never* happened ever.

The privilege of being seen as such victims of society that entire support groups rise in power and make city wide protests and any criticism is buried under accusations of prejudice thus allowing anyone to speak negatively of them without being seen as racist...oh wait, that's not whites.

The privilege of white males who can be jailed for LIFE or even sentenced to death for a woman making a false accusation with zero evidence as a uncommon but still noticable rate?

Those privileges?

(And no, there is no problem with people of color having support. The problems is people using that to shit on white people)

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During the heavily racist periods of history, segregation didn't care about percentages. You were either white or black. Apartheid was a pretty nasty example of this, as interracial offspring were screwed over.
I say this because current woke drones are openly embracing a dark mirror of this same bigoted attitude. There's 2 races essentially: black and white.
Just think about what you've been hearing this past month. Nothing but racist white people and poor disadvantaged blacks who need help.
Consider the employee training programs currently implemented saying "be less white."
Consider every "black" president and political figure of mixed heritage. All other components of their DNA magically disappear and they become black only.
Nobody mentions any other race unless you bring this up, and if you do they paint you as a racist and change the topic as fast as possible.
What I'm saying is these activists have openly embraced segregation without realizing it on a fundamentally religious level.
As opposed to the more difficult concept that race itself doesn't exist. Only humanity. But... Doing that would eliminate the extremely powerful kill all weapon of "he's racist, cancel him from society" favored by puritanical witch hunters

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Woke lib "slave ships were evil because they forced victims to lay down for the duration -"
Me "speaking of.... there was a recent fatal car crash on the Mexican border. 2 dozen people were inside the vehicle. A dozen died"
Woke lib "..."
Me "you know how they get 2 dozen people in an SUV, right? Take out the seats and lie down"
Woke lib "..."
Me "funny how human trafficking and lax borders looks an awful lot like slave trade-"
Woke lib "I will remain silent. Then I will awkwardly wait until I can spot a post where I can play gotcha on so that I can publicly get my revenge and masturbate over how just I am. "

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The left seeks control. Both to subject control and to submit to comfortable control.

Unity of thought enables control. When everyone thinks the same, they can be more easily manipulated, and there will be no question of the future as there will be no disagreements.

The erosion of families enables unified control. This is evidenced in people shunning the elder generations and disrespecting them with cute phrases like boomer... while (literal example) I've been told the biggest problem is people are paranoid and don't trust the government.

This is why the left seeks to label all dissenters as bigots, fascists, racists, sexists, conspiracy theorists, and all other insults.

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Yeah, time to start triggering people again.

Just to be clear, no I don't think the Holocaust was justified, because I know that the Bible is a bunch of fictional horseshit that never actually happened. But most Zionists do believe in the literal truth of the Bible. And incidentally, the same book they use to justify saying that Israel-Palestine belongs to the Jews and only the Jews also tells stories of Jews exterminating those they saw as inferior. So yeah, they were doing it to other people long before anyone tried to do it to them, according to the Bible, which Zionists believe.

Phracker #wingnut deviantart.com

"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations."
-- George Orwell

Just thought now would be a good time to post this, since the MSM is talking about the Charlottesville "Massacre" of one year prior. Meanwhile, the actual massacre that occurred in Gaza a mere four months prior has not been talked about at all, at least not from what I have seen.

Also, I think this may be the first political deviation of mine to trigger both the left and the right.

boobooAmber #fundie #homophobia #transphobia #psycho deviantart.com

I desperately wish the population of Muslims to grow, America has failed to overcome these Transgenders and ABSOLUTE FAGGOTS, I believe It's time we now all as a congregation turn to the Muslims, they never let us down when It comes to absolutely murdering LGBTS with the work of stone and rope. OF COURSE, do not be to angered at me for suggesting the population of Muslim's grow! It's In God's great hands to blow them to hell with his almighty nostril. What has Inspired me to speak out about the fall of America was a LGBT flag spotted on a church door. We have to hire these absolute sand negros to take that to Jesus.