Anotheruser84 #quack #sexist

These poor idiots can't do logical processing.

They assumed there would be a vaccine...oblivious to the nuances involved that make that virtually impossible. Not just in the next year or two, but ever.

They can't think even one step ahead. They don't see that no vaccine + limited hospital capacity = shutdown = slowed herd immunity....and at the current rate of infections in this social distancing + masks + shutdowns shithole, that's a literal lifetime away.

Literally every non-essential business will permanently shut down in the next few years. The entire world will take place online.

And many of these basement-dwelling, autistic soys will be on the street with their broke parents.

So while they repeatedly told us to "go outside," when the only notion of outside they ever head was shoveling dog shit in their parents' yard, it will in fact be they who are forced to give up their faggoty video games and their anime and their Reddit LARPing.



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