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[It's Over] If you're a white American and you have a sister i seriously feel bad for you.

Imagine your precious sister will be swimming in Chad's and Tyrone's cum in college, she will attend gender studies and all the other bullshit, her whole life would be like a curse to you.

Imagine being Incel and then being forced to sit in the corner like a little bitch as your sister aborts the 12th time.. Holy fuck what s cucked existence i would literally go ER.

Cucked if you let le sister out of the sex closet

Cucked if you let your sister out at all.

It’s one of the worst things that you would have to deal with. I would probably go ER (in gta v) if I had to deal with a cumdumpster as a sibling. Luckily I just have a brother

Not too long ago I've read an old article from 2015 about some girl who masturbated in public library and got fined. The interviewer was asking her about family situation and how they felt about it, she answered that her parents weren't too happy about it and that her dad told her too avoid such situation and bla bla bla.. anyway why am I mentioning all of this.. so turns out this girl had 4 brothers one if them was 8 and she said she basically was raising him..

Now here's the kicker..this girl went on and became a pornstar and apparently that little brother of hers saw her in one of them Pornos getting gangbanged by bbcs. Having a sister in America is equivalent of being a cuck.



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