MillimetersOfBone #sexist

"He's so creepy"

We all know that "creep" means "ugly man." Everyone knows this. Every woman knows this. Every man knows it, but some men pretend that they don't know it.

But why do they say "creep?" Why don't they just say "ugly?"

Well, imagine what goes on in the mind of a woman when she's approached by an ugly man. She sees a man with weak, shitty genetics. She hates him on sight. It's not a choice. She is programmed to be the arbiter of reproduction. She is, by nature, destined to determine which men will reproduce and which will not, and she has decided that this man should not reproduce, thus she will treat him with hostility, without trying or even noticing. She is additionally offended that this man seems to think he had a shot with her, making her question her own self worth. She projects this out onto the man, and concludes that this man intended to attack her status.

She is also horrified by the man. Consider the man's perspective. He thinks the woman should be flattered. The man wants nothing more than to make her happy. A man's life is infinitely more fulfilling if he has a satisfied sexual partner and a family to provide for. He wants to give this woman sexual pleasure. He wants to give this woman resources. But, to the woman, this man is nothing but a threat. His approaching her means that he wants to have sex with her, which means she would be impregnated with low quality genetics, forced to spend 9 months growing a low quality baby, and several years raising it. This is deeply terrifying, to her, so she projects this feeling onto the man and concludes that this man wants to make her miserable and ruin her life.

So here we have it. A woman is angry and horrified by a man who she believes actively wanted to lower her status and ruin her life. Why? What did he do? Nothing. His behavior was completely normal. The only reason this woman has responded this way to the man is his appearance. She knows this is shallow, and she doesn't actually care, but she doesn't want to appear shallow, so she invents a new link between his actions and her feelings, one that places the blame on him. "He was creepy," they say. "I felt uncomfortable when he approached me, and I'm an altruistic non-judgemental person, so he must have been actively trying to make me feel uncomfortable. His behavior is the problem."

Grade A manipulation. Cold to the core. And everyone falls for it. They have us by the balls, and the only people who are allowed to acknowledge it are the ones who have already been outcast so no one cares about them anyway.



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