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God Connection Attunement
Juggernaut Attunement

Pierce through corruption and re-open the flow with God.

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Who is this for? Spiritual seekers who seek a quicker path to peace and prosperity.

The problem: We've lost a lot of Lightworkers this year. The people visiting this website have on average 75%+ energetic corruption in their third eye distorting their vision. Also, finances are cock-blocked by Luciferian forces. Meanwhile, you know where society is heading.

What is it? It's time to take the gloves off. The God Connection Attunement was to bring people from 3.2% God connection to 100%, but nowadays, most have it jammed at 0.0005%. I found an approach that is effective: I will cast Juggernauts in various critical points of your energy field.

What is a Juggernaut? It is the Train of Life. I always say: follow the Train, ride the Train, but never get in its way. It is a pure Force of God that will crush anything in its path. You'll have everything you need when you really need it, and if you get stuck in a corner, God will form a Juggernaut that will open up the path for you.

Juggernauts cannot be corrupted nor distorted, and it doesn't compromise. Just make sure you're in harmony with it and that you're not fighting against it.

I can cast Juggernauts; but I cannot uncast it. It's like if there's water flowing on the beech. You can draw lines in the sand to cause the water to flow in certain directions. But once it flows, you can't undo it.

3 reasons why you need the Juggernaut Attunement

#1 - With all the insanity and energetic corruption everywhere around, it's the only method that works to pierce through all that BS.

#2 - Almost all of you have 70-98% hijacking of your connection to Source, and that completely messed up with your intuition and muscle-testing. It's important to clear that up.

#3 - The Luciferian grid-lock on your inner financial building prevents money from flowing in unless you consciously or unconsciously agree to the Luciferian agenda. This is not acceptable.


It is a considerable investment for remote work because it requires 2 to 5 days of intense work.

The investment for the Juggernaut Attunement is $997

>> Purchase the Juggernaut Attunement Now



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