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Re: This is one of the top posts of all time on r/trufemcels. One of the biggest problems for so called involuntarily celibate females is having men want to fuck them too much. MEME FKIN GENDER



They think it's all about fucking because they're projecting. No one honestly believes that the only difference between a friendship and a relationship is sex, they just like to think that the men who stop talking to them after they're rejected are just sociopaths who were trying to use them.

In reality, most guys don't "fuckzone" women, they "lovezone" them. Back when I was bluepilled, I never wanted to be one of those guys who abandoned girls I'd been friends with for a few months after they turned me down. It felt scummy. I tried to stick around for a while, but it's impossible to imagine how physically painful it is to be around someone who has rejected you unless you've actually experienced it. Deep in the chest. Constantly. I don't know, maybe I'm just a bitch?

I'm sick of people saying things like "if you can't handle rejection, you're weak and toxic," and "if you just became her friend because you wanted to fuck her, you were never really her friend." They claim to fight toxic masculinity yet also seem to believe that male sadness is pathological and fake. Because that's what it always turns into. It starts out as a small group of people having a fun time mocking a very specific type of man who honestly sucks, ("fuck u bitch how dare you reject me I'm such a nice guy!"), but then it slowly turns into everyone making fun of normal men, ones who don't want to keep being around girls who reject them.


I'm sick of people saying things like "if you can't handle rejection, you're weak and toxic," and "if you just became her friend because you wanted to fuck her, you were never really her friend."

"You only wanted to get a job here so you could work your way up and become Manager" -- Well...yeah??? What's wrong with that? There's millions of people in my metro area, nearly a million my age +/- 10 years. Half women, 50-75% married/taken, etc etc, all in all we're talking tens of thousands of single women. I don't have the time or resources to maintain 5000 friendships spanning multiple decades, so it's either business or FUCKING or you better be mf good as hell at some hobby I have (lifting weights, surfing, ?)

But I'm the asshole because I do more than introduce myself, ask if you're single, and walk away if you aren't? I'm the asshole because I spent a few weeks getting acquainted before I shot my shot? I don't know if you're a whore/escort, or have a drug problem. I don't know if you have 10 burner phones and you're some scammer or identity thief. I don't know if you're trying to lure me somewhere so your pimp/boyfriend can pistol whip and rob me. There's incentive for BOTH OF US to feel around before one of us (see: me, it's never you) makes the first move. I need that HOEFAX and you need the BROFAX, let's not be stupid. And that's regardless of whether we date OR are legitimately just friends.

Unless you EXPLICITLY ask me whether or not I'm into you romantically, and I SPECIFICALLY say I'm not....then fuck off. Get over yourself, you know the game you're playing. It's hard enough being a guy in society when 99% of women expect you to do all the ground work and face rejection. Don't like "friends" hitting on you? Stop making male friends then you stuck-up bitch, pay for your own shit, arrange your own rides home at 2am, throw your own birthday party, pay for your own drinks, stop making "friends" do everything for you. Until then, you made your bed so LAY IN IT



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