Congressman Paul Gosar & Various Commenters #wingnut

( Congressman Paul Gosar)
Defeating the liberal world order starts with defeating the grifters and fakers within our own ranks.

The resistance needs to be comprised of true believers in America First.

(@BlessedWretch )
@DrPaulGosar The resistance needs to be comprised of believers in Jesus Christ. You are a great Rep., but this American exceptionalism crap has to stop. America needs to repent.

( @ArmaRex )
It's a Jewish World Order, not a liberal one. Nice try, grifter.

( @Fat_pony )
I'm a one issue voter: is it good for whites

( @VanCleef )
Close the borders, deport all illegals and fake refugees, and create the US Border Guards under pentagon control thus permanently militarizing the border as in Korea.
Hang mayorkas the scumbag rootless rat for treason

( @ChristoperBradford )
I am for the removal of any Republican who wants to keep pretending that Biden is legitimate.
It's like watching a stewardess asking a hijacker to please sit down and be quiet.

( @Esoteriquette )
@DrPaulGosar They're pushing the NWO hard and are actually and openly talking about it now, except the word 'liberal' is used to gaslight. They're desperate.

( @SeanRoland48 )
@DrPaulGosar Freedom of the individual without first a passionate, moral, obligation to the betterment of their people, becomes a worthless and useless liberty. Such individualism stems from Luciferianism and creates a self absorbed, narcissistic human being. Freedom isn't;
"do as thou wilt, being the whole of the law."
Alister Crowley
True liberty is in this manner; "ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country."
John F Kennedy

One is self focused, while the other is other focused. One is for self gain and the other for the gain of your people.
As National Socialist we understand that freedom costs and that in order to appreciate those sacrifices, we give back to the very people that paid the price for it. As National Socialist we see the concepts of individualism as selfish independence, apart from the people and such self aggrandizing idealogies only lead to parasitical ones.
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