Incline #racist #sexist

[Blackpill] Based South Africa putting white chadlites in their place

Look at this shit they still get free food because of JBW they would absolutely slay in SEA they mog me so hard but I moneymogg them.

This young men were looking for a job and got surprised

South Africa has lots of scientific advancements, for example: Just kill the white farmers who grow most your crops Theory

They are based they know whites mog all their ethnic population so they wanna get rid of them just look at this two dudes they fucking mog me out of this universe yet they are homeless and struggling to find job. Can't really blame the south africans for doing this, god's speed to them.

that would be a good idea except for the fact they are also killing black farmers and stealing their land

Well can't expect too much from those low iq communist wannabes. Still at least they are trying. Tbh if you think about if you are white you want as many ethnics coming to Europe/USA as you can. More ethnics = your white skin is more valuable.

chad worship thread ethnic chads killing whitecels as usual

Shit you're right it sounds like chad worship but what I wanted to show in this thread is just how Africans put this JBW white colonizers in their place by giving them low status.



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