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RE: Mass shooting leaves 8 dead at Valley Transportation Authority rail yard in San Jose

Looks like he shot some Mexicans judging from the photos of the workers there, all Mexican, not a white person or groid in sight. Joe won't get his wish that some groids were shot by a white man.

Was this white guy the "diversity" hire in the all Mexican VTA, or was the VTA previously white and the whites wrongly treated, quit, and replaced with Mexicans?

This one may fall under Affirmative Action for past injustices.

This crime was committed with a handgun, but like clockwork the Democrats are calling for a ban on AR-15's - as if even confiscating every single AR-15 in the country would have had any effect whatsoever on this crime.

Is there a requirement in the Democrat party that you have to have an IQ of under 100 in order to join?

Joe better get on the VTA, no groid employees, some job openings for some negroes now, all those "disenfranchised and workplace discriminated folk, Joe better get on VTA and get some negroes in there, they"ll straighten out the Mexicans, ADL, NAACP, negroes will steamroll over the Mexicans, Joe needs to get on it.

Dems squawk gun control to cover for their negroes. City negroes are completely out of control. Negroes don't want Western Civilization, they need to be "Re-tribalized" and sent to Somalia, which is the culture they desire, and is the only way to solve it, send them to where they desire, is the humanitarian thing to do, is wrong to keep them in the States, they desire their tribal ways; therefore, sending them to Somalia is correct.

Every weekend in Chicago is Mogadishu, no further proof needed, re-tribalize them to Somalia.



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