BlackCel62 #psycho #sexist

Based Finally gonna accept the fact that I'm a misogynist. I hate women and I wish nothing but the worst upon them.

inb4 "See?! Tis y u inkwell!"

But seriously, I care nothing about foids, I don't care about their intellect (or lack thereof), their so called oppression, their fake rape stories, nothing about them. The only thing I care about is sticking my johnson in their holes. If I'm not doing that, then there's no need for us to even interact with each other.

Foids can talk about how much they hate men all day long and they will even get support from a bunch of other foids and even :bluepill: soytards. But when men say they hate women, everyone is ready to nail that dude to a stake. So at this point, fuck women and the soytards that enable their fuckery. I wish nothing on them but pain and misery.

”5'5 Black Fugly Turbosperg - Cooming to Lolis”

tryhard nickname, tryhard signature, tryhard post


Any man who isn't a misogynist in todays day and age is a complete retard. If you aren't an above average male, short, ugly, or human, remember that women hate you and wish for you to die. Not returning that hatred is the most soy thing you can do

We are looked at as the scum of the earth, nice or not. Nothing we can do as below average men will ever be enough. May as well give them a taste of their own medicine.



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