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Central to this developing insight are some basic truths that topple the Feminist narrative. Firstly, it is a provable fact that all infants and children see the masculine-solar world through their mother's eyes. Their fathers and the external world are not seen for what they actually are. All too often, they are presented to the child by the mother, and colored by her often warped interpretation of them. It makes no sense, therefore, for Feminists to critique this and that aspect of the Patriarchy. It became what it is due to the prejudicial perspectives of terrible mothers, sending their children into it without a modicum of understanding, admiration and pride. The world critiqued by Feminists is the world already contaminated and undermined by the dragon fight.

Secondly, women control the modern world, and are in no way oppressed or discriminated against. They control the vast amount of credit card spending, and one look at the commercial world reveals the evidence for female dominance and privilege. Men have long been second class citizens and bell-boys for superficial, spendthrift, fashion-obsessed women.

Thirdly, women give birth to all men. Therefore, it stands to reason that whatever malignant men do sociopolitically, and whatever ordinary Joes think about women, originates with the women that bred them. Whatever a man thinks about himself, women, the world, or anything else, tracks back to his relationship with his mother. Nothing can ever contradict this truism. That Feminists and most women never discuss this, or admit it, tells us a great deal. It lets us know that something is not right, and that sleight-of-hand is being used against our reason.

Fourthly, the vast majority of rational women prefer the company of Alpha Men, the very ones who work to build the solar "Patriarchal" world. This also severely compromises the position of ardent Feminists.

Fifthly, what is never admitted, is that for most children passing through the dragon-fight, the solar world of the father is regarded as a haven from the struggle of the lunar world, where they experienced the submission of their will and crushing of their authentic identity. It is seen as a less conflictual place offering a bower of repose from the stygian abyss of the medusan mother. Everything about the solar world - including its repugnant elements - is still seen as being better than its opposite. Again, we see from this the inadequacy of Feminist critiques, citing the male world as the source of all ills. In other words, the Patriarchal world comes into being as a refuge from the baneful influence of the feminized female, the terrible mother. What does this truism do for conventional Feminism's preposterous theories?

Finally, Feminists love critiquing the imperfections of the Patriarchal world. It's their stock-in-trade and volumes are written on the subject. However, the entire enterprise is wrongheaded and does not ultimately support the skewed outlooks of Feminism.

Imperfections are overcome with progress. Progress is in turn facilitated when the past is honored and studied. Crucially, progress is made possible by heroic reason, ingenuity and masculine will.

Progress sees the end of imperfections. But the key issue concerns the nature of imperfection. Rather than being a negative phenomena, as Feminists present it, it is the cause of progress and improvement. Indeed, as Hegel showed, there can be no question of progress and perfection without imperfection. It is the catalyst to all positive change and advancement, to the creation and sustainment of the Noosphere. Again, Feminist critiques in this regard lead only to contradiction and fallacy.

It is apparent that Feminism, in most of its hideous guises, exists so women can maintain their camouflage. Any progress in our society of a philosophical and psychological nature, inevitably means for men the upgrading of insight into the female psyche. This denouement has to be opposed and thwarted. Socialism, Feminism, Critical Theory, Postmodernism, Deconstructionism, etc, are the means to this end. They have been established and funded so humanity is held back and denied insight into the most important matter, one effecting every aspect of life, including whether civilization as we've known it survives or perishes.



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