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-Justin has been vying for a seat on the UN security council since coming to power.
-He and his wife are highly decorated members of the Atlantic council which seeks to have all the worlds people become global citizens.
-Many of the high level positions that he allocates in government are directed towards a diverse set of third world immigrants with allegiances to the United Nations. This would highlight his loyalty to the globalist cause and place traitors in governing positions.
-This pandemic has been directed by the United Nations World Health Organization.
-Justin's wife was suspiciously tested for being positive to this pandemic before testing kits were readily available. This helped create the panic needed for Canada's shutdown, forcing the hands of the premieres as Justin was missing in action under the guise of social distancing.
- At the site of the mass shooting story in Nova Scotia, there was a military presence that was not fully explained and is now assisting if not controlling the investigation. It is possible that this was a classified military operation which has subsequently ushered in the first stage of a national gun grab or confiscation of weapons deemed threatening to a military that no longer belongs to Canada.

It is my conjecture that Canada's armed forces are now under the control of the United Nations through proxy orders of the traitorous Trudeau government.
Below is a photo of a monument at the headquarters site of the United Nations. Try and figure out what that monument represents and why an international elite would see gun confiscation as their number one objective. A lot of people are awakened to this. We just need to get out of bed.



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