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It's a big first step. Thank you, Governor.

spoilerI just signed SB3 to prevent gender
transition services for minors at
Oklahoma Children's Hospital at OU
This is just the first step.
I am calling on the Legislature to ban all
irreversible gender transition surgeries
and hormone therapies on minors

@sethdillon Great. Step two, start making arrests.

@sethdillon final step is outlawing it for all people. We don’t let schizos dig the illuminati tracking chip out of their heads, so why do we allow “transgenders” to mutilate their genitals?

It should be considered Child Abuse and you should go to prison for at least twenty years for each child you abused.

@sethdillon Just the first step to ban "transition" bodily mutilation for everyone. People with mental illness need a therapist, not a surgeon.

@sethdillon Can we also get the medical licenses of all medical workers participating in 'transistioning' revoked? Let them go to another country and practice what they call 'medicine'.

@sethdillon It just seems eminently reasonable to wait untl kids are at least 21 and can make a really informed consent first...



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