various commenters #transphobia

( MaryDyer )
This is the chance to peak people, ladies
Very simple:

You: “I can just see Donald Trump declaring he’s a woman and being moved to a women’s prison if he’s convicted.”

Them: “What? They wouldn’t move a man to a women’s prison.”

You: “Hmm…you sure about that?” proceed to rattle off a list of names of male rapists who are living comfortably in women’s prisons

This is our chance to truly spread the word.

( Re-enacterf )
I said to my friend there are male rapists in women's prison right now, raping women. She said trans women are women, therefore there are no men in women's prison.

( Sonnet )
“Transwomen are women, so when a large, criminally dangerous male gets on top of a terrified female and forces his penis inside her without her consent, it is only women to blame.”

( realityismykink )
Did you reply that you couldn't possibly be friends with a misogynistic rape apologist, therefore you weren't friends anymore?

( Re-enacterf )
With TRA female friends, I wait for them to burn the bridge first. It was a horrific comment, but borne out of ignorance of male depravity. Unforgivable to handwave rape, yes, but she might realize what she's done some day. Male TRA friends who give me any guff I block. They know exactly what these TIMs are up to.

( Tailz1012 )
If TWAW and TWAM there are still men in women's prisons bc TIFs don't request transfers to men's prisons for obvious reasons. Regardless of your definition there are men in womens prisons. They need to decide which definition of men to kick out.

( MissBehaved )
I'm literally waiting on Trump to declare himself America's first woman president. I hope he does it. He's honestly nuts enough that I can imagine him doing this. Dems would be floundering, the whole country would go crazy haha

( BillyPilgrim )
He hates women too much to ever pretend to be one.

( SpatOutTheKoolaid )
That doesn't stop most TIMs.

( RusticTroglodyteSnazzy )
So do tims lol. Hating women is a necessary part of transition for both tims and tifs

( LunarWolf )
as opposed to most TIMs?

( Fluffy_gender )
Trump is pro trans actually. He was OK with a TIM in Miss Universe and he had a comment while running for president that he doesn't mind TIMs in women's bathrooms - after all, he also regularly barged into teen girls' changing rooms, too.



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