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On the Mar. 20, 2024 episode of his Rumble show[…]Elijah Schaffer claimed that Australia[…]was never colonized[…]
Schaffer made the remarks during an interview with Kara McKinney of[…]OANN. The conversation began with Schaffer reacting to a decision by a U.S. District Court judge who ruled that a federal law barring undocumented immigrants from legally possessing firearms was unconstitutional[…]
“It’s like, dude you gotta realize that your enemies are arming an illegal army,” he warned

“They’re bringing Haitians and Chinese — 60,000 Chinese Communist Party members — and now they’re letting them be armed. Even if they could get armed illegally, they’re saying even if we catch you, not only are we not gonna deport you, we won’t even remove your firearms from you”

Kara McKinney, after fretting that undocumented immigrants might become police officers or soldiers, told Schaffer that leftists believe that they can “bring the entire world here, and somehow we’re all gonna hold hands together”

She also worries about where white Christians such as herself are supposed to live

“No one cares about us in the world, and there’s really nowhere else we can go”[…]
“There’s that First Minister[…]of Scotland — the Muslim guy. … And I’m — a lot of me is Scottish, right?[…]And so I think to myself, well I’m not welcomed in America, being a white Christian lady”[…]
Schaffer told McKinney that this reminded him of the arguments about the history of Australia, and denied that the continent had ever been colonized

“It’s like the same thing, man, like people are like ‘Well, Australia, you know they’re colonizers,'” he said mockingly. “Like, no they’re not colonizers. There was no society here. There was no country here. There were like people who played with sticks, and you can see their culture hasn’t advanced, okay?”

Schaffer claimed Aboriginal Australians “didn’t conquer anyone” and, instead, “got drunk and conquered themselves” after being given Jameson whiskey



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