savagesusie #fundie

To put the word pride next to such dysfunctional lifestyles is sick and twisted....esp. because of the conditioning this does to children ....Makes kids associate homosexual acts with pride????????? Goebbels would be proud.

Why not have a Roehm Pride Day, then? Hess Pride Day? Hitler Pride Day? A Dahmers Pride Day, maybe? Why not....they are all homosexuals....
..since there is no right and wrong by your standard—all behaviors are moral?

Oh, I see—you’re using the atheism of Marx’s book. It certainly contradicts the Bible and the Constitution founded on Natural Law Theory.

Oh what’s that....we don’t pay attention to the Constitution anymore? Oh, I see.
You’re making up your own “right and wrong” not based on Universal Truth and reason and logic that we have followed for thousands of years—the basis of our Constitution.

Oh know and the “intellectual elites” that have been schooled in Marx and islam where little boys are routinely sodomized and your sodomite idol John Maynard Keynes used to pass little boys around at parties with his homosexual friends.....Yes, really healthy and moral....such fun is common in homosexual societies.

What is the purpose? To destroy sexual morality in a culture????? Freud even said that would be disastrous and destroy civil society. Or do you just want to make Christian and Jews bigots and be able to jail them for hate speech, if they quote the Holy Bible in public.

BTW, why do you, zero, put the word “holy” in front of the word koran all the time and never in front of the word “Bible”? Just asking...but I know why.



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