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The American left's influence on racial/gender discourse in Europe is obvious. I'm from a dutch speaking part of europe and I've noticed that in the last 5-10 years they've been literally translating US talking points.

We used to call white people "blanken", but now the phrase "witte mensen" has suddenly entered our discourse. No one ever said "witte mensen" until these young people with humanities degrees started reading american social justice material.

I'm even thinking they had to put it through Google Translate. Like "toxic masculinity" which became "toxische mannelijkheid". It just doesn't scan as native dutch or flemish to me.

Every young university educated POC that we see on the news in europe all seem to have the exact same chip on their shoulder as you'd imagine an African American activist might have. Only with none of the historical justification.

Same thing with the Black Pete controversies which only started a few years ago.

No one, absolutely no one ever associated Sinterklaas's soot-faced assistant with anything racist until reports of "blackface" scandals became popular in the US.

We don't have a history with minstrel shows here, but every activist ranting about this topic is acting like we do.

When people talk about rising populist sentiment in Europe, they think it's because we're emulating Trump.

The reality is that our left has been emulating the american SJW's and are creating a similar counterresponse over here.

There's a 2-5 year timelag between European political culture and the US. So that would put us right around 2016-era America, mentally speaking.



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