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[Serious] If you have to put any effort in, it's over... SUB 5 INCELS COME IN HERE

Chad doesn't put in any effort. He will just text whatever slut is on his current rotation, "I'm horny." and that's it. He had sex that night.

Just lmao at anyone who is sub 5 and puts in any effort. You are working hard to attain something that Chad puts ZERO effort in. The only result you will get is humiliation and embarrassment when you fail. And lets say you "ascend" by betabuxxing? Now you are PAYING for something that Chad gets for free... And usually it's Chad's leftovers. Do you want Chad's leftovers, YOU CUCK?

Just go MGTOW(MSTOW) if you're sub 5. It's not worth it to put any effort in.

Only time when it's worth putting effort in is if you are a 6 and can looksmaxx up to a 8.

A virgin who expels countless hours and energy achieving that which society said he should achieve, will only end up dying tired.

A virgin who never contributes to society, never pays taxes, never consumes, never purchases or socialises, is something that they don't want.. they need enough people to believe the lie so the next generation can be brainwashed with the lie.

"Just keep trying bro!"


There's literally nothing i can think of that's more cringe than some genetic dead end socially outcasted low status loser trying to "self improve" to fit into society. It's like they're so far off the mark I don't even know where to begin with them. The average person, and even the above average, just exist and the things that you consider "normal" just happen to them. No high schooler ever had to "self improve" to get a girlfriend, he just existed, thought it would be cool and fun to play sports, and a girl was attracted to him and they gravitated towards each other. There's no thought out into any of this, these things just happened through the natural flow of life, no "self improvement" necessary. That's what happens when you're not a genetic dead end mentally ill freak, you don't ever find yourself one night lying in bed alone wondering why you don't have a single friend or you've never kissed a girl at 23 years old. You don't devise a plan to stop touching your cock for six months in order to look a girl in the eye. You just exist, you go with the societal flow, and you end up with a wife, a nice job, a house, and some kids. If you missed out on this flow, it's probably because you're complete genetic shit.


that is the blackpill distilled into one photo. If all blackpill archives were lost, this would be the only thing that would need to be preserved to make anyone rope.

I haven't been to 4chan in years but it's good to see that there are still good quality posts once in a while



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